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Posted by Lafayette | Dec 21, 2009 @ 11:08 AM | 10,447 Views
Let it snow, lots of blucore, servos, wires, engines, esc's, new receiver, sodering iron, what could I do with all that?
It was snowing white outside, and it was snowing blue inside as I started a storm of bluecore for 3 days. On day one I build one of my new designs, which I want to try as a slope wing first(this will post as another build) and the next 2 days, a Slofly 26. Syas 28 but mine came out just a tad above 26 inch wingspan.

Z bends with paper clips and carbon rods, and stuck with only 2 sharpies! RED AND BLACK! Other than spendeing 3 hours to get my van and try to make it to the road, These were 2 days of serious building my first slowfly.
AWU stands at just over 8 ounces (not too sure of my scale, but for plane and servos, it registers lower weight than a 3s 1800 lipo.) Resodering new plugs on my 3s 500 lipos, esc to motor, esc plug to battery, etc...
THAT WAS FUN! That is my Xmas present to myself!

Attached pics, and may be a video after I come back from Florida.
I have cut a Surfer Dude, but did not have time to glue it together, when I come back...

I cannot wait to fly her and giver her her soul!!! Thought of adding a single light weight wheel and carbon skids under the wingtip, may be removable floats???

We will see...

Merry Christmas to all, a happy new year.
Wishing you the very best for 2010,
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