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Posted by tomassthom | Jan 10, 2010 @ 09:43 PM | 2,454 Views
Aloha: I just finished the Myrtle Corey and went for a test run. With every thing on it it floats level and the water line is where it is supposed to be. If I let go of it it wants to tip over. I took the Texas cabin off and it floated up right but a little breeze will blow it over. I took the main cabin of and it seems to be ok. I noticed in some of the videos none of the steam or electric paddle wheelers have the cover on them. Is this the only way these boats can operate?
I might have to but out riggers on like they do here in Hawaii on the canoes.
I sent Dumas an e-mail to see if I get an answer.
Tower Hobbies has the Dumas Mt. Washington on order and I have one on back order. I wonder if it will have the same problem as Myrtle?
If I wanted a display model I won't have spent all that money for all the stuff it takes to operate it.
Gee it sounds like I am a ol grouch. HAPPY YEAR YEAR and ALOHA to all.