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Posted by RealGambler | Jan 12, 2012 @ 08:48 PM | 7,522 Views
Well, got tired of calculating prop thrust, power needed, speed for my ultra-micro, everytime I wanted to swap a propeller or a motor, on one of my brushless ultra-micro airplane, so I simply made this chart. Keep in mind that this is PURE theoretical data about propellers. Real number in flight will not yield any result close to that. But at least, in that chart, you can easily compare the effect of one propeller over another in a theoretical world!

You will find GWS propellers (2 and 3 blades), and most propellers used on some of the Horizon Hobby ultra-micro airplanes. The results have been calculated for the current motors available: 2300kv, 2500kv and 3000kv.