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Posted by The Commador | Nov 04, 2009 @ 05:13 PM | 2,364 Views
Hi Everyone.

I have been following this forum abut the Square Rigged radio control ships.
The majority of contributors appear to be from the USA.
Please dont hold it against me, but I am British.
I Live in Tewkesbury - a small country town in the Cotswold area.
About 30 miles away is the city of Gloucester, where there is an old Sea faring Dock, with old Warehouses around a Large basin. This is where the local Model club get together and sail among some of the old sailing ships themselves.
I have sailed small boats and yatchs, but not a large square rigger.
I am by trade an Instrument Engineer and Control Systems Engineer, used to sorting out the control of equipment. When I started my apprenticeship, instruments were driven by Air, with servo's and pulleys, feedback and balancing mechanisms. And have loved applying it to all of my models.

I have worked in many parts of the world, as a Construction and Commissioning engineer. I started travelling in 1978, and am in Milan, Italy at the moment.
I would like to make this my last Working project. It is scheduled to be started up in 2014. So I may have a long time to be at home permanently, and have the time to build my dream ship.
Although it does give me time to watch and learn from the Masters. Also offer some tips and ideas, that I would try myself given the materials and time to set it up.

I feel that the effective Furling and Reefing the sails prior to and after a manouver is essential, especially during a...Continue Reading