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Posted by headshot001 | Jul 26, 2011 @ 08:12 AM | 3,373 Views
At around 14 years old, my dad had the ideal of buying me an RC Airplane for Christmas one year. I had been around airplanes a little as my uncle was a private pilot and also an airplane mechanic, he bought airplanes and refurbished them and then sold them. There was a small hobby shop in town then and we went over to look. I ended up with a Hobbico Avistar .40 size airplane, a Fox .40 engine, and all the accessories along with a Futaba AM 4 channel radio. We took it home and put it together over several days and I flew it once- right into the ground. I went through several more airplanes that I bought before giving up.

In the fall of 09, I was surfing online and saw a picture of a CMP Cesnna 182. That thing was beautiful and the most scale airplane I had ever seen and is still the most scale airplane that I have seen since from my point of view. I got excited and studied about rc airplanes alot.

I ended up with a SLOV V from Parkzone, but due to me not understanding much about flight, I tried to fly it in too small an area and too much wind. I got discouraged with the Slow V but ended up with a HobbyZone Supercub. I flew the Super Cub successfully and was probably the most excited I had ever been about anything in my life!! I had tried to get help learning to fly, but never seemed to be able to get my schedule coordinated with anyone. Everything I have learned in the past several months has been self taught without an instructor or a flight simulator.

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