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Posted by awry | Dec 03, 2011 @ 06:51 AM | 2,284 Views
My Vimeo page:

Planes/helis I've had since I started flying summer 2009 in chronological order:
JR Vibe 50
PA Addiction
PA Extra MX
PA Ultimate AMR
3DHS 68" Velox
3DHS 65" Vyper
3DHS 62" Osiris
3DHS 33" EPP
3DHS 87" Extra SHP
GB-models 2.2m Yak 55m
Mikado Logo 600
3DHS 89" Slick

3DHS 48" Extra 330 EPP
3DHS 72" Extra 330 V2

Krill Spark Evolution 2
3DHS 104" Slick or EF 104" Extra

JR DSX9 (sold)
Futaba 8FGS
Futaba 18MZ

I started out in this hobby with a JR Vibe 50. After a few months while browsing the web I saw some 3D airplanes and got interested so I bought a PA addiction to try it out. I had a couple of PA planes and was very happy with them. I got truly hooked on 3D flying after I bought a 3DHS 68" Velox from Captain Norway. With this airplane I learned most of the 3D moves. I really flew this plane a lot during my first year.

After a few months I decided to try some precision flying. My club is primarily a F3A klubb so I'm pretty much the only one doing some 3D flying. Luckily my flying has generated some interest in others and a couple of people have gotten interested.

I bought the Osiris late last year to learn some precision flying. I can say that it has really helped me get better at 3D flight as well. With this awesome plane I was lucky enough to win the sport class in the nationals this year. I'm going to step up a class this year and therefore need a new plane. The Krill Spark Evo 2 is what I'm planning on getting.

For next season I'm going to focus a bit more on precision even though I still consider 3D flying my primary goal and passion.