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Posted by Papa-Jay | Nov 24, 2009 @ 03:47 PM | 2,506 Views
Servo database updates information

The servo database is updated, with additional bearing count field.

So here the input fields we have in this database:

1. Product : Servo name (text field)
2. Part Number : text field
3. Digital/Analog : Drop down
4. Manufacturer: Auto complete text field
5. Torque @4.8v : Number only text field (kg/cm)
6. Torque @6v : Number only text field (kg/cm)
7. Speed@4.8v/60deg : Number only text field (at 60 degree, I will try to put linear speed calculator to convert from 30 or 45 degree to 60 degree, so we can have uniform value in database)
8. Speed@6v/60deg : Number only text field
9. Gears Material :Drop down.
10. Motor Type :Drop down (3 poles core, 5 poles core, coreless, brushless)
11. Bearing : Drop down number of bearing, if it bushing please use 0 value. (0,1,2)
12. Spline : Number only text field (vary across several manufacturer, 23-25 splines)
13. Weight (gr) : Number only text field
14. Length (mm) : Number only text field
15. Width (mm) : Number only text field
16. Height (mm) : Number only text field
Posted by Papa-Jay | Nov 20, 2009 @ 06:50 AM | 2,549 Views
RC Rims / Wheels Database
RC Rims database
already up, but I still have issue with two way connection between RC Rims and RC Tires.
This database have several data field that we might consider when choosing rim for our vehicle, like hex size, offset, outer diameter, width, weight, tire bead, etc.

Often we use rims that known used on our vehicle, but there is many other maybe thousand option that might usable for our chosen tires.

We just need to buy and try if it fit, WAIT!! what a waste if it didn't fit.

Therefore this database can help you and save our money, ONLY if it have data, right?

In perfect condition, the data must be collected from user by measure the part, so we can have real tested subject. Otherwise it will have incomplete data or slightly inaccurate.

But in real world, like what going on now, I use GOOGLE to find data, a time consuming process and incomplete data gathered, well at least I don't make a big hole in my pocket to purchase all parts.

Posted by Papa-Jay | Nov 19, 2009 @ 06:37 AM | 4,973 Views
RC Database
This is my site, I manage and develop it my self, and the most important it's about radio control!!
I managed to plan this site from last year, up and running since June 2009, after several month to write the script.
Countless man hour spend on the site development, seems it is like a lifetime developments.

OK, this site is a collaborative database for radio control, several vehicle type (rc cars, rc heli, rc airplanes, rc boats) already in it's place with specific classes like buggy, truck, crawler etc for car type vehicle.

In every vehicle, there is pictures, messages, manuals and compatible parts for that vehicle model.
The lastest one is the core of rcdatabase, the compatible parts list, same as vehicle page too, it will have pictures, messages, manuals if any.
Don't you guys think it worth to list every part for vehicle?
Don't you think this will help to choose the correct and reliable parts better.
I might to put vote for each parts, to score recommended upgrade parts.
It's just on my plan.

Several parts category already runs, like rc motor, rc servo, rc tires, and esc.
Here is the link to radio control database:
R/C Database

Since this is a collaborative database, I can't put my self or several guys to fill up this database, this is really big and unlimited, much more than you can imagine, I really need every help from you guys and all rc community to begin the biggest database for radio control.

End of words, may the force be with you