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Posted by kingsnake11 | Mar 14, 2013 @ 02:37 AM | 3,044 Views
I really disliked the mechanical retracts that came with my seafury. They never closed properly, and collapsed, even though I had set the end points individually.
So, I decided to do some surgery and attach servoless retracts. I had some small retracts that I had got from pw-rc that are roughly 55mm long by 32mm wide (photos 3 and 4). These looked like a good close fit. The following is how I installed these.

1) the first thing was to place the retract over the mounting place and trace out the foam area's that I was going to have to remove. You can see that in the first photo. I also marked the end closest to the fuselage with some white out. on both sides.

2) the mount was gently removed from the wing by first using a fine blade to separate the glue on each side, and then pulling firmly with a small set of pliers.

3) I then cut the mount into four pieces. This is because the mount has to be wider and longer. Some trimming needs to be done to mount the servo. You can see the mount cut into four in the second photo.

4) I attached the four sections of the mount to the servo ( photos 5 and 6). what I found was that the depth of the servoless retract was too deep and I would have to trim too much of the wing foam. In fact, I was afraid that I would penetrate the top of the wing. The solution was to make two fitted pieces from 1/8th inch birch plywood and mount that between the plastic mount and the retracts. You can see this in photo 7.
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