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Posted by ALL American | Apr 12, 2012 @ 11:18 AM | 6,269 Views
This is my new P51D for flying at the local park when I don't have time to go to my flying club. Its an FMS 1450 mm (57 Inch) P51D Version 6

FMS makes great airplanes but they almost all have some minor issues. So aside from rehinging all of the control surfaces with DuBro pinned hinges which was optional, I found a number of small issues (mostly aesthetic) that I felt needed correction:
  • The blue on the plane was three different shades so I repainted the blue on the cowl, spinner and on the plane. The camera's flash washes out the color which is actually a much richer blue than it appears in the photos.

  • The stripe decals on the top of each wing were crooked so I removed them and painted the stripes.

  • The Invasion Stripes were very sloppy with quite a bit of overspray so I repainted the Invasion Stripes.

  • The entire airframe was dulled a bit with Krylon Matte finish spray.

  • The motor alignment was off to the right and too low and the spinner gap against the cowl was fairly wide. This was unacceptable so I corrected the alignment and gap.

  • A number of minor issues were discovered during a thorough inspection such as, one of the retract's set screws was too small and was not actually securing the strut. Had I not caught this I'm sure the strut would have fallen out during a takeoff or landing. So inspect every screw on your plane!.

  • I use Gens Ace 4S 4000 Mah 25C packs which weigh 15+ Oz. I had to add 1.6 ounces of weight to the tail in order to obtain a
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