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Posted by ALL American | Jul 15, 2011 @ 03:34 PM | 8,956 Views
Here's the base retract:

Not too shabby for $16.00!

The E-Flite 10-15 Steering Arm cost about half that.

I think the above listed assembly is a steerable version of this retract

Here's how I modified this small E-Tract unit to fit into the E-Flite P51B's existing tail wheel opening and to steer via a pushrod linkage.

I will add text when I get a chance. For the time being, the photos are self-explanatory


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Posted by ALL American | Jul 13, 2011 @ 12:57 PM | 6,611 Views
I found that the bombs were a bit loose due to the length of the wire loops on the bombs and they hung low on the pylons and swayed from side to side. I also did not like the recommended cable installation. So I assembled my pylons a bit different than the manual had outlined, in order to take up some of the slack and to ensure smooth, bind free movement of the cables.
  • First, I cut two lengths of tubing that my LHS sells as "Antenna Tubing". The yellow tubing that comes with the Sullivan Gold-N-Cable fits perfectly inside of the Antenna Tubing and it also fits perfectly inside of the tubing that is pre-installed in the wings.

  • I cut a 3" length of the yellow Sullivan tubing for alignment purposes and I slid it inside one length of the Antenna Tubing, I placed the bomb inline and then I slid on the forward piece of Antenna Tubing. I CA glued the Antenna tubing in place with medium CA. I was careful NOT to glue in the 3" piece of Sullivan tubing.

  • To ensure smooth, bind free cable movement, I then cut a length of the Sullivan tubing long enough to extend into the ordinance servo bay. I removed the 3" length of Sullivan tubing and replaced it with the longer piece, then I epoxied the Antenna tubing and the Sullivan tubing into the pylon permanently. Once dry, I cut the sullivan tubing so the pylon could accept the ordinance.

    WARNING: Do not glue the Sullivan tubing too far rearward or it will not align with cable hole in the wing!

  • Not necessary, but I Silver Soldered the ends of the cables to prevent any future fraying.

Works great now!

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