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Posted by ALL American | Dec 14, 2010 @ 12:03 PM | 10,476 Views
Modifications to my Airfield Version 2 P51D (AKA: FMS Version 5)

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Assembled Bird - A work in progress

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Spinner Refit

Trimmed back of spinner with a Dremel Cut Off Wheel for a close fit to the cowl and then machined it on a router table to true it

Polished spinner on buffing wheel


Opened cooling slot in the cowl

Opened cooling slot behind cowl

Opened cooling slot in front of battery compartment to allow cooling air through the battery compartment

Painted all foam behind cowl black

Re-trimmed cowl to remove silly looking right angle

Spray painted the Cowl and Rudder in a matching Testors Red to correct factory mismatch.

Motor: = Stock 600KV

Removed motor

Added Loctite to motor mount screws

Checked for motor shaft E-Clip

Oiled motor bearings

Added a retaining collar on rear motor shaft to prevent the shaft from ever exiting the plane.

Corrected motor mount for proper thrust angle = NO RIGHT Thrust, Just Down Thrust

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