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Posted by Jake Williams | Sep 30, 2008 @ 08:26 PM | 5,254 Views
Well, I have been slowly doing some restoration work on my 190D. The guy I got it from had it sitting in his shed with no flights on it and it was just rotting away. I adhere to the philosophy that having nice planes is great, but if you don't fly them, you are doing a great injustice. I would rather stack a nice plane in the ground and say it flew than to have one sitting around collecting dust and never doing what it was intended to do. To me it was almost sickening seeing this awesome plane stuck in solitary with the spiders and mice. When I got it, it needed a little bit of TLC, but nothing major. It is after all my backup racer so it is going in harms way, just as a warbird should .

The most obvious work that needed to be done was repainting the belly. It looked like it had taken a few good scuffs and hits so I filled in the dents with spackle, sanded, and got it ready for painting. I picked up some RLM fuel-proof paints from Warbirdcolors.com. At the same time I picked up a detail spray gun from Harbor Freight (You gotta love those cheap chinese tools!) for 10 bucks. I have to say I am pretty happy with the turnout. At first I thought there was going to be some problems, but as the paint dried things started looking real good. Now all I need to do is just do some touch-up painting on the iron crosses and that should be it. I already painted the inside buckets and fuel proofed them. So far so good. I think that should take care of it.

BTW: I know the swastika is backwards on the tail, but I am not going to repaint the whole thing for that. I just tell people that the ground crew member who painted the Dora was a Polish defector who joined the Germans after the Russians invaded from the East . When I touch up the crosses I will post some pics.
Posted by Jake Williams | Sep 29, 2008 @ 03:40 AM | 4,834 Views
Went to the R/C Country swapmeet in Sacramento on Saturday. This was a first time for me, what an experience. The Flashlight Brigade was out in force at 6 a.m. in the morning. People in this hobby aught to have their head examined !

I was looking for a TF new Hawker Seafury unassembled kit. I had one in my hands, but hesitated and came back in five minutes to only find it gone. It was vicious out there! Oddly enough the guy who bought the Sea Fury had this TF D9 kit for sale. It is partially built but the builder did a nice job on what he put together. These kits are hard to find and people pay big bucks for it. I like the D9, but since I already have one Im not sure I will complete this bad boy. It came with a lot of scale stuff too from an independent manufacturer. If somebody is reading this and really wants it, you could buy it for the right price. If not I may just finish the thing myself. For now it is out of the way until either a buyer or winter comes..... Hey lets do a poll while we are at it .
Posted by Jake Williams | Sep 27, 2008 @ 12:45 AM | 4,551 Views
2008 is my first year flying in fuel warbird pylon competition. The Sacramento Area Modelers have a warbird racing series that consists of 4 races that start in the Spring and conclude in the late summer/early fall. My friend Chance Harris got me interested in the racing and helped me put together my first fuel plane, a VQ Macchi 205 "Veltro." There are three speed classes (gold, silver, and bronze) and for my first year I have stayed strictly in the bronze. For my first race I was indeed excited and for a first timer I did o.k. In the last lap of the last heat I learned quiclkly that having a backup plane is almost a given in this sport. A Dago Red Mustang cut through my horizontal stab in a turn and down I went. Although the race did not end the way I pictured it, it became a good lesson in the sport....which is always have a backup plane.

In the time between races I put together an identical airframe and used every part from the original. Luckily in the crash, only the airframe was damaged. I was even able to use the original prop, canopy, and cowling....who would have thought . My results in the May race were not stellar, due to incorrect propping of the motor, but I came out with an undamaged plane. No regrets there.

The third race, which was held this month, proved to be a coming together of skill and luck. I was not expecting to make the top 3, but low and behold I came in second. My point total for that day was better than my performance...Continue Reading
Posted by Jake Williams | Sep 25, 2008 @ 04:46 PM | 4,906 Views
My first plane was a Cox control line P-40 when I was in high school. Flew the dickens out of it. Mostly concentrated on static model construction throughout high-school and left the hobby to focus on other things in life. My buddy Neil got me back into R/C about 6 years ago and he has kind of dropped out and it has been a part of my life ever since. I started in electrics and have moved into the fuel category and I have so far enjoyed it. I think the hobby will see a lot of electric to fuel crossovers as the electric hobby continues to grow and gets new pilots involved.
My staple niche is warbirds. I am a big fan of axis power airframes and British designs such as some of the Hawker designs like the Tempest and Typhoon. Currently I have two fuel planes. A VQ Macchi 205 Veltro, and a Pica FW-190D. Both are used for warbird pylon racing held in the Sacramento area.
Beyond the flying, I am becoming more interested in building kits. I have become familiar with bashing kits to come up with unique airframes. I have built a few simple scratch planes from foam for electric, but this winter I would like to put together a larger balsa fuel warbird. We shall see.