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Posted by Kauz | Jan 16, 2013 @ 04:41 AM | 11,093 Views
Since I'm flying this model I always had the wish for more power. Nowadays brushless motors became much more cheaper and affordable and so I was searching for a solution to equip the Heinkel with two of them without having to do a major surgery on a ready built model. I finally found a solution that was simple to do and yet optical not to disturbing the overall appearance of my nightfighter.
The photos clearly show what I did and it was a real success
I'm using 10x6" propellers that provide a lot of thrust while having a static current of about 22Amps. She now behaves completely different and the overall performance is way better than ever. From the second flight on I had to switch to folding props, because one of the rigid propellers broke on the first landing. The diameter is now to large to use such types.
This new setup is very economic also, as I can achieve long flight times using 3-S 2200's Turnigy batteries. The first testflights lasted around seven minutes and I could recharge between 810- 840mAh's. So there's still plenty of reserve to stay longer in the air.
And now some photos of the "rebuild".

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