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Posted by Kauz | Oct 22, 2012 @ 03:33 AM | 16,524 Views
Ever since I was a child the Hawker Hurricane was one of my all time favourites. I built plastic models of this aircraft in different scales and the largest one was one from Revell in 1/32nd scale, but this was forty years ago. When E-flite announced their model of a Hurricane, the time had come for a rc-version but unfortunately it was way to pricey for me. Several weeks ago, an Austrian dealer started a discount on this model and reduced the price by almost fifty percent. Now I knew, my time had come and I pulled the trigger....
When the model arrived I checked the content of the package and the overall quality of the parts was very good. But on some spots there were things with which I wasn't happy too much. The two fuselage halfes weren't glued properly from aft of the cockpit back to the fin, so I had to find my own solution to fix this problem as glueing together wasn't as easy as I thought. My approach was useing a special kind of glue with which I "spackled" the gap and, after the glue had dried, painted it over in the corresponding colour. I ordered the retracts with this model as it deserves it for the scale touch, but installing them with the struts that were delivered with the retracts was a bit tricky. Therefore I ordered the pre-bent struts too which make things a lot easier. One of the major changes I did, was altering the whole drive unit. I'm flying a FMS P-51 and so I have a bunch of 4-S batteries at home but very few 3-S ones. The only ones I...Continue Reading