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Posted by Kauz | Sep 17, 2012 @ 10:10 AM | 12,541 Views
Since spring 2012 I am flying version 6 of the P-51 model and I am very happy with it. Of course, I did some modifications beforehand, as some others may have as well. Except an external 7A U-BEC and CA hinges on all control surfaces, I removed one of the elevator Bowden cable tubule since it was crooked, and stuck in a new one in such a way that the control wires did not crisscross anymore but meet in front of the servo. Because of this, the elevator linkage works a lot easier. On the wings, I replaced the linkage with carbon rods and thicker wire as well as ball links. And after the control horn of the RH aileron broke at my tenth flight, these were also replaced by quite sturdier ones. Another technical adjustment concerned merging the servo wires for an easier assembly on the flying field. On each wing panel one and a half Multiplex connectors are affixed and hence three entire sockets in the fuselage. This way, assembly on the flying field is much easier and faster.

One of the key improvements for me was the additional support of the motor mount right behind the motor, with “clamping” of the rear end shield. The distance from firewall to spinner tip is rather long with the Mustang and leaves plenty of room for vibrations. With the help of the additional support the powertrain now runs smoothly. With the original propeller the motor draws about 39 amperes. I fly my model with an APC-E 15x10 with a static current of about 30A or an APC-E 16x8 with about...Continue Reading