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Posted by DeadstickDuck | Sep 18, 2015 @ 07:35 PM | 5,164 Views
I am a 20yr semiconductor field service engineer without kids, 3-4 days a week off and paid well enough to afford not buying crap to save $5 to just end up spending double the money to enjoy mediocre service from maintenance heavy equipment. And a wife who is a nurse and great cook. So life is good. Treat your friends well and they will do likewise.

I in turn have been able to tinker with CF and what a Dremel can accomplish with a steady hand, keen eye for detail and enough hands on experience to know how to *: up something beyond recognition.

The Kunai has been the right size, well built and flies better than one would believe if you haven't seen one. I like speed and tracking on rails. I like not wasting time on putting lower-end gear in something that will be going faster than some full-size aircraft. Fix it right the first time. Share knowledge freely. Safety First. Don't waste anyone's time or money on something you wouldn't try yourself first. Smile and leave the ego aside when it comes to sharing the joy and freedom we get to share with good people. This hobby is amazing.

So, I honestly have a knack for remembering what I have failed at, what others have thought me through their experiences and open minded enough to take criticism or give praise where it is deserved. Knowledge that translates over into many technical disciplines

My Kunai mods have been done on 4 actual Kunai planes! and a dozen other kit&ARF planes the past said dozen projects,...Continue Reading