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Posted by trees | Jul 05, 2010 @ 07:28 AM | 3,972 Views
It's funny how planes find people. Well, the NCFM M60 was on my list of planes to own someday. That day is now. I found a great deal while browsing the RCG Classifieds and couldn't pass it up. She should arrive in a week or so. I can't wait to rip some big inland slermal lift with this baby!

Here's what she looks like now, I may re-cover once I'm accustomed to it's landing characteristics.



Posted by trees | Jul 05, 2010 @ 07:19 AM | 3,976 Views
My friend has a lot of planes and he's a generous guy. That makes me lucky. While visiting his place the other day he offered up a dusty old kitbashed EPP combat wing. I can't remember what model it was but he chopped it in half, added a fuse and added the necessary components to create a scale replica of a de Havilland DH 108 "Swallow". He then proceeded to beat it on the slope for several years, surrender it to his young boy for abusive tosses off the deck at home then it made it's way back to the shop to collect dust for 3 years. Well that day it came home with me. I had to make it comfortable in it's new home so I stayed up for 16 hours refurbishing it. I tore off the covering and scale details, replaced the linkages and vertical stab, repaired one spar and added two more, filled holes, painted it, covered the whole thing with CP laminate, repaired and re-hinged the elevons, added electronics, etc. Having stayed up all night and worked on the plane all afternoon I dragged my tired body and dazed mind to the slope for a maiden. The wind was light but I tossed it up anyway. It was scratching for lift but IT FLEW and I was happy. I safely landed and tossed a more appropriate plane for the conditions. I've since trimmed it out and tweaked a few more things and it's just a blast to fly. Very stable and predictable, no bad habits. It's not a high performance plane but it's fun nevertheless. So far 4 of my friends have flown the Swallow and it always generates a smile. This will be our groups slope trainer. Pics and specs to come!
Posted by trees | Jul 05, 2010 @ 06:57 AM | 3,998 Views
This was my first night flyer build. I used the Grim Reaper as my platform for experimentation. I finally finished it a couple weeks ago. The maiden was a bit rough since I had never flown a powered wing (tricky launch until you get the hang of it) and for some reason the recommended CG proved to be wrong for my build. After some minor repairs, a major CG adjustment and some practice launching I was in business. I've yet to capture some decent video but It'll happen eventually. So far it's a crowd pleaser! Looking forward to flying it more and further fine tuning.


60" Grim Reaper wing
300 LEDs via Turnigy Light Strips
AR6200 RX
HS-82MG servos
Turnigy 1700KV motor
Turnigy Sentry 40AMP ESC
Zippy 3S 2200mah LiPo for motor and LEDs
4xAA Eneloop Pack for RX
Skyking RC lost model locator (with low voltage alarm) connected to RX
Additional low voltage alarm connected to LiPo/ESC
Turnigy Brushed ESC for dimming lights
Primed with thinned goop
Painted with Krylon Fusion
Covered with 1.5 and 10 mil CP Laminate