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On the bench...

Posted by trees | Jun 09, 2010 @ 06:08 PM | 3,947 Views
First in line is a Windrider Fox which I'm re-building for higher winds. I'm basically adding lots of carbon fiber reinforcement. It's about halfway done. Looking forward to flying the new incarnation.

Second is a semi-crunchy 60" plane my friend gave me called the Plan 9. It's his design with a bagged fiberglass and carbon wing with an RG14 airfoil. The boom is a graphite shaft. It needs a V-tail, servos, radio and some TLC but it looks really cool. I'm excited about it. He says it's a smoking high wind plane.

After the Plan 9 is in the air I need to start cranking on my recent score, an EPP Jart. This was an unplanned purchase but I'm extremely excited about it. I'm HOPING to have it done for Cape Blanco Slopefest but that may be a pipedream considering my staggeringly slow build rate and RC ADD.

There's a tie for 4th and 5th on the build list. My poor Alula has been fully dismantled and neglected for some time now. I'm getting a little crazy with it so I won't go into details. Should be cool though. The other plane is my Franken Radian. I built it, crashed it and now it's time to re-build and try again.