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Posted by CyberCrash | Jan 12, 2016 @ 05:05 AM | 3,725 Views
this is my review of the new Arris X-Speed 280 racing drone I've built and flown.

My video review:
Review of the Arris FPV 280 Racing Drone (4 min 42 sec)

(I am grateful for every comment you guys post and every like you give)

Quad data:
ARRIS X-Speed 280 Racing Drone BNF Specification:
Dimension: 245mm x 213mm x 112mm (Propeller does not include)
Diagonal Wheelbase: 274mm
Frame Weight: 410g (BNF)
Motor: ARRIS MT2204-2300KV
Propellers: 6045 propellers
Camera: Sony 700 line camera

The Quad is an amazing piece of engineering. It looks great and the 2mm thick carbon will survive most crashes without troubles.

The Quad is very close to 250 size quads, but just a tiny bit larger at 280mm. This is a huge advantage. This quad uses 6"x45 props instead of the short 5" ones in addition to larger motors.

This allowes for more powerful flying and a greater payload like fpv gear and my XIAOMI YI cam on top of the quad for great action-fpv videos.

The quad arrived in a well packed box with all the parts needed + a CC3D flight controller and a power distribution board.
All I've bought was a battery and a XT60 (male) connector + 12AWG wire to supply the power to the power distribution board + remote (Taranis + X8R) + fpv gear (links at the end of this post).

The build is easy done and just requires some M3 screwdriver and pliers. I think it took me about 1h to build everything including some locktite on...Continue Reading