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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Nov 28, 2010 @ 01:20 AM | 5,569 Views
Just finished my weasal!

Went with the blue clear packing tape and two strips of clear for stripes on top of the wings. And mostly clear packing tape with 3 stripes of yellow on the bottom, for orientation/visibility. Reinforced the lot with fibre tape.

I've read that some people were breaking the nose so I embedded two carbon flat rods on top of the nose and two on the bottom with CA and then fibre tape to hold them in.

Tip of tail has been painted with the tamiya can and then the whole tail taped with clear tape.

With the reinforcement for the nose it didn't need much extra weight for cg balance.

Whole plane feels really strong with all the tape.

Can't wait to get out and try it out.

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