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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Oct 13, 2010 @ 04:15 AM | 6,842 Views
I borrowed my servo trigger idea from Bolters blog Using the hot shoe mount on the cam to mount a servo

Just used some small light ply pieces cut accordingly, epoxy (to glue the ply together), and a cheap esky servo stuck to the ply with hot glue, and zip tied for re-enforcement.
I like this method as it is easy to use, and slides off easily so I can use my cam for other purposes.

Sorry for the crap photos...taken from my phone.

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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Oct 12, 2010 @ 01:37 AM | 5,937 Views
This is a place in Victoria, Australia where farmland meets residential housing, the beach, ocean and mountains.

Last weekend we were driving around different areas scouting for a place to shoot some AP. We drove to the end of a little court where I saw a small sign that said "public walkway". We pulled over I quickly jumped out to see where it would take me. Just 20 metres down the track I was met with a large open area with what looked to be an RC plane oasis. Perfect green grass, with no trees on a ledge above the clear blue ocean. (seen in pic #5)

A large crowd gathered to ask the usual questions and watch the plane fly. All were amazed with the stable flight and downlink setup.

In the background are the YouYang mountain ranges.

I had to be quick as a large storm was rolling in. I managed to launch the Heptad and snap some nice shots before the clouds rolled in.

This has been my best result so far with the new Lumix. I finally have a reliable setup I am extremely happy with.


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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Oct 11, 2010 @ 03:58 AM | 7,442 Views
Beautiful spring day here today.

My co-pilot and I took the opportunity to head down to Queenscliff and take some shots of the local ferry terminal and marina. She did a great job of spotting for me whilst I was under the goggles. Found a cafe in the new marina which toasted an awesome ham/cheese/tomato as reward for an uneventful flight.

Just doing some more testing with the new cam and these came out.


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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Oct 03, 2010 @ 05:18 AM | 5,571 Views
I had Friday off work and had a great morning, not a desk in site.

We managed to get some footage of the Heptad and Easy Gliders in flight.

Perfect weather the lake was like glass!

RC Plane Chase - 2 x Go Pro HD (4 min 23 sec)

Posted by Joffa_Dan | Oct 02, 2010 @ 10:28 AM | 6,197 Views

I managed to head out with a mate today (Friday), to test the lx5. I had taken the day off work
Great way to spend a morning, flying around the beach on a perfect spring day.

This is Barwon heads in Victroia Australia, theres a river (inlet) on one side, road in the middle and then the open ocean.
The bridge has major road works going on at the moment, so the traffic is banked way back.

The LX5 performs well. I still have to play around with a few settings I think, but it's a promising start!


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