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Posted by Joffa_Dan | Sep 08, 2010 @ 08:31 AM | 6,108 Views
I finished my 'Power' designed Heptad the other day. It's a nice floaty bird.

I built it primarily for still photography, to handle the wind a little bettter than the super light Passive. And also with a view to attach a downlink so I can reduce the amount of wasted shots from flights.

They are both very different. Whilst the Passive can turn on a dime, it takes a little extra time for the Heptad to get around. The Heptad also has a higher sink rate than the Passive which is expected for the weight difference, but also a lot more power, which can be fun. I will still be using my Passive primarily for video as their is no comparison in that regard.

Anyway I took her out for the maiden flight and it worked out well. The winds were gusty down low but fairly calm way up high. The 2m wing span and the extra length of the fuselage makes it easy to see at altitude, and by pointing her into a the breeze, that's where these planes are at their best. Just floating down in the same spot

Thanks to Mike for the design and Jeff for the nice kit.

If you click on the pic below, I've linked Exposure room for the guys in the States, youtube didn't like the music over in your part of the world Best viewed in 720

Heptad Maiden Flight (rc plane) with Go Pro HD attached (5 min 54 sec)