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Posted by DerekCross | Nov 05, 2009 @ 09:44 AM | 3,042 Views
OK here we go, up and running on the winter project
Yesterday was Day 1 of construction, cutting out the hull forms and Keel

so here are the final specs
Laid down: Nov 4th 09
Lenght: 110 inches
Beam: 14 inches

Armour/Armor (depending where you are in the world!!)
3/8 ply for Keel and hull forms
Sides and deck 1/4 and 1/8 ply

Being over 8 feet long the stern was built as a sub section, then attached to the Keel.
Once all the hull forms are attached she will be placed on the bench straight and true and fixed down for attachment of stringers and deck.
The anti torpedo bulge and stern are for sure the most difficult aspects in getting it to look right.
Anyway, hopefull a bit more done today if the shop is quiet and i will post a picture later if i get all the hul forms attached to give anyone interested a nosey at what is going on!!
Also a pic of my laker in winter layup!!

motors will be provided by two dead old office printers
The long winter months are custom made for projects like this in Minnesota!!
keeps me out of trouble!!
hope you find this interesting, again not going for perfection, but it has to look right.