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Posted by microraver | May 29, 2010 @ 10:16 AM | 3,227 Views
I've been flying for over year now. I started late last winter. I was waiting to see if there was going to be a race season for RC trucks. But the city decided to shut down Riverside, our local RC off road track. It was a load of fun racing the nitro trucks. But eventually we didn't get our lease renewed after just a few seasons and the track was shut down permanently. What a shame. So I was looking for something new. I wanted to get away from all that dirt anyway, I figured the sky is way cleaner! So I started looking around at some planes...
I got started with the Aerobird Swift. What a handful! I thought tip stalling was a natural aerodynamic occurrence at any time during flight! Not to mention under powered. etc. etc. I remember to my horror trying to fix it's innards! Later on (maybe 6 planes later) I resurrected the Swift one and hopped it up with a 3500 brushless in-runner and 3S LiPo. The thing actually wasn't so bad to fly with a little power.

My next plane was the 2 channel SuperCub with ACT: Anti Crash Technology. After enough crashing with the Aerobird I took a deep breath and a step back. No ailerons for me. Not just yet. I can't believe it was just a brushed motor running on NiMH's. It had just enough power to get you airborne with a little lift. Not enough to get you in trouble. I have since modified this trainer plane by putting on ailerons and going brushless + LiPo.

It wasn't too much longer that I wanted to try flying a plane that had the ailerons. I pretty much mastered the ROG takeoffs and some half decent landings with the Super Cub. Now it was time for the Parkzone Corsair F4U. This is one of my favorite planes to fly! I got the RTF version which included a DX5 radio. And started to get the feel for such responsive plane compared to the Super Cub.

ParkZone F4U Corsair (2 min 26 sec)

After the Corsair I knew I wanted something a little faster, so I picked up the Stryker. That was a whole new experience for me. It was fast.