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Posted by Bad Karma | Nov 15, 2011 @ 08:41 PM | 2,856 Views
I have now officially made it 50 days without a cigarette. I am starting to feel like I am finally no longer craving them. It's pretty amazing, after just 10 days I could start to feel my lung capacity increase, after just 2 weeks I was beginning to adjust to the small things, like coffee without smoking, driving without smoking, playing video games without smoking-all of which really scared me when I initially quit.

50 days, at 1 pack NOT smoked per day is a total savings of $315!!!!!!!!!

2 packs of nicorette-only $100!!

I have 10 pieces of gum left, and I do not anticipate having to buy a third. I'm just switching to regular gum from now on.

I already spent my saved money on a Orion Pax PZ Wildcat with retracts, so yeah, quitting was totally worth it.
Posted by Bad Karma | Oct 25, 2011 @ 08:03 PM | 2,645 Views
So, here's the thing. It's not that I don't WANT to date, it just takes effort, money, understanding, time, patience...okay so maybe I don't want to date. er...maybe.

I'm 32, no kids, never been married. I have had 2 long term relationships in my life, 2 years and 4 years, respectively. I have traits that many women do find desirable, I'm tall, intellectual, chivalrous, steadily employed and I'm told I'm witty and funny.

I like the IDEA of online dating. Going to a website on my own time, from the privacy of my own home. I can browse profiles, search according to proximity, and filter out women with kids. This may seem shallow, but I just don't have it in me to be an 'insta-dad.'

So let's say I search for people within 50 miles of my location, no younger than 25, no older than 35, no kids. I end up with about 250 results. Then, I eliminate all those profiles that contain obvious spelling errors, or they don't know the proper context for they're, their, and there. Then, I can eliminate people that can't properly spell the name of the city in which they live. Seriously, cannot spell the bloody name of the place on earth they reside. Cincinnati. Yup, if you live in Cincinnati, please be able to spell Cincinnati. I never thought I'd encounter that in my life. I finally end up with about 30 females.

Next, while I do appreciate people from all points on the political spectrum, I eliminate those that describe themselves as 'progressive' ideologically, as this is just a nice way of saying 'socialist.'

Then, while I'm not a shallow person, let's be honest, looks are important. So I can easily eliminate any girl that doesn't float my fancy in the looks department.

What am I left with? Nothing. Zero.

Have you ever had any luck with online dating?

Did you have to lower your standards or let some of your principled morals of religion, or politics get in the way?

Maybe I'm being too picky.

That's what my mother tells me.

Please don't be like my mother.
Posted by Bad Karma | Oct 19, 2011 @ 11:40 AM | 2,835 Views
I've always had a love of two things; Short, cute, intelligent brunettes, and invasion stripes on warbirds.

I used monocote adhesive cut to a width of 1 1/2 inch. I considered using 3M tape, but it's considerably thicker, and I didn't want to add any weight-even if it is insignificant.

I decided only to put them on the bottom of the wing. I had considered the top wing as well, but I never wanted to second-guess myself as to the orientation.
Posted by Bad Karma | Sep 26, 2011 @ 05:46 PM | 2,972 Views
I made it 21 years without ever even trying a cigarette. I played sports all the way through high school, and this was a simple enough deterrent to keep me away from smoking. It's not exactly like I wanted to hang out with the kids who smoked anyway, most were lacking any redeeming qualities. The previous statement is in no way intended to knock you if you happened to smoke in high school. It refers to my classmates specifically.

In college, with my deterrent gone, I ended up rooming with the same 3 guys for the majority of our time there. They all smoked. And for me, it was a 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' situation.

Now I smoke when I fly, smoke when I drive, smoke when I watch tv, smoke when I post to my blog. I managed to convince myself over the last 5 years that I would find a convenient time to quit. I also managed to convince myself that $6.50 a pack was still worth it.

So now, with what I know will be my last pack of smokes in hand, and TONS of Nicorette in my future, I have three pieces of advice for the three of you that read my blog.

1. If you smoke, why not quit with me, we'll both be making healthier choices.
2. If you don't smoke, never start. It's dirty, smelly, costly, and that's not even mentioning the diseases. Plus, quitting sucks...or so I'm told.
3. Buy stock in the company that manufactures Nicorette, they will soon be getting a huge sales bump.
Posted by Bad Karma | Sep 18, 2011 @ 10:55 AM | 2,873 Views
As we get closer to that day in Ohio when the sun sets at 5, the cold wind comes out of the Northwest, and I put my transmitter away in favor of my shotguns and rifles (pheasants and coyotes beware), I thought this would be a good time to look back at this flying season, my third in the hobby.

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but Ohio had one of the wettest springs I can remember. We had 6 straight days of at least 1/2 inch of rain in May, and early June was not much better. I spend much of this time meticulously inspecting my new Parkzone P-47. It was the most amount of money I had ever put into a single plane. Electric retracts, flaps, and an Eflite 40 amp ESC. In retrospect, I should not have been so nervous.

June and July kept me pretty busy at work, but I found plenty of time in the evenings to fly most of my airplanes. The same group of kids in a neighborhood near my park regularly came to watch me fly, ask a million questions, and generally talk my ear off. Good kids, I answered all their questions I could, and did my best to get them interested in flight and the RC hobby. Here I learned that at the end of a long day, when all you want to do is fly in silence, the curiosity of kids can sometimes make for a less enjoyable flying experience.

I had my first catastrophic crash in mid August. I hit a light pole in a parking lot. I learned that depth perception and perspective can fool even young eyes with 20/20 vision. They say that you can't...Continue Reading
Posted by Bad Karma | Jul 31, 2011 @ 06:51 PM | 3,323 Views
Here are some pictures of my trip to Hawaii. I went with my entire extended family, and my father and I dragged the whole group to the air museum after visiting Pearl Harbor. It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and if you ever have the chance to visit the Island of Oahu, don't miss out on the small, but neat place....Continue Reading
Posted by Bad Karma | Jul 19, 2011 @ 06:20 PM | 5,850 Views
Wanted to post some of my favorite pictures and favorite planes from the National Air and Space Museum. It's not as spectacular as Wright Patterson in Dayton Ohio, but definitely worth going if you're in the area. Enjoy!...Continue Reading
Posted by Bad Karma | Mar 21, 2011 @ 06:25 PM | 3,803 Views
Wanted to share a picture of my new Radian Pro. After the maiden on Sunday, I wanted to add some monocote tape to the underside to see it better.

I used orange on the left wing, and yellow on the right wing.

When it's up there a good bit, the tape really does make it easier to see. However, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between the two colors, so it does not help one bit with orientation.

Pardon my cr*ppy camera, it does not show the colors very well.
Posted by Bad Karma | Mar 07, 2011 @ 06:57 PM | 4,041 Views
A little trip I took with a good friend of mine a while ago. If you ever have the opportunity to go, jump on it!

A few photography tips:
For the darker hangers, forget your cheap, point n shoot 35mm or digital camera. They just don't let in enough light to get good shots. SLR's and DSLR's are the way to go. I use a Canon 10D, they are now very affordable.

It's not very likely that you'll get an ideal angle on your shots either, some of the hangers are very crowded. There will be other airplanes in your way....Continue Reading
Posted by Bad Karma | Feb 02, 2011 @ 11:26 AM | 3,439 Views
Dear Abby-

Throughout my years on Earth I have always heard people talking about how “you don’t realize how much you love and miss someone until they are gone.” I usually shrug off statements like that, rolling my eyes.

Part of life seems to be here one day and gone the next. I always just thought it was something you have to learn to deal with and ‘roll with the punches.’ But now that it has happened to me, I realize my thought process was all wrong, and I should have been more considerate and caring over the years.

We got together on May 23rd, 2010 when I was home from work for a wedding that I was in. I did feel love at first sight, but have to admit that my feelings got stronger and stronger as time went on. Just days into the relationship I was hooked and wanted to spend as much time together as I could. Within weeks we were inseparable, and months turned into obsession.

Things have been going great ever since and I could not have been happier. I was receiving everything that I was ever looking for and felt that nothing could tear this bond apart. There was never any fighting or arguments, just pure and simple compatibility. We flew together, learned together, grew to respect one another.

Well, as the famous quotes say, “nothing is perfect,” and “all great things must come to an end.” For the first time since May 23rd, 2010, we are separated, and I have no idea when we will get back together. So Abby, I ask for your help and advice. Please share some of your expert wisdom and assist me in carving a path to survive this difficult time while my Parkzone P-51BL is in my shop getting fixed.

Lost and Lonely