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Posted by Stenz28 | Jun 23, 2012 @ 04:52 PM | 3,414 Views

Since my heli's are just gathering dust I decided to try some R/C trucks.

My first purchase was a $40 Maisto Rock Crawler, 1/18 size. Fun but no proportional steering or throttle.

Second step-up to an $80 Exceed Rock Crawler, 1/18 size. 2.4ghz, proportional steering/throttle, 7.2v nicad rechargeable. This is a fun, functional, affordable, hobby-grade, Losi copy. It is slower than molasses but wants to crawl right up a wall! FUN!

Then the addiction hit and I bought a $339 Exceed Monster Truck, 1/8 size. This is also a mostly copied HPI Savage, though I've already found that while the bumpers are exchangeable, the skid plates are not. At 100% throttle expo it will do a standing back-flip!

Then I bought another body and then decided to put lights on it!

Now I've just bought a $100 Tiger tank, 1/24 scale. Infrared with battle system vs airsoft, but I like it. Treads are plastic, but have separate links instead of one piece. It uses a bunch of batteries so I'll need to convert to lipo sometime.

I'll have to do some reviews on these when I can, and more pics.

Maisto Rock Crawler:

Exceed Rock Crawler:

Exceed MadBeast:

LED Lights:


Pics: Later today