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Posted by Stenz28 | Mar 05, 2010 @ 10:25 PM | 3,741 Views
Helis by order of purchase/flight/crash:

1. MCX (just spins around, probably the 5in1)
2. CX3 (under repair)
4. Blade 400 (Scale building here)
5. Gaui 550 WORKING!
6. Mini Titan E325 (PTSD accident, picked up and smashed on table, dead)
7. Axe 400 (crashed during checkflight for sale, head/feathering shaft, dead)
8. 4G3 (too squirrly for me to fly, TRADED)
9. Ember2 - always seems to be too windy, have got it stuck in a tree twice!
10. Walkera 400d - WORKING!
11. SRB Quark - Nice heli... probably what I should have bought after the MSR and saved a few $K
12. Walkera UFLYs - New, flys ok with new gyro.

About Me:

Retired Soldier (Linguiust, Army), Mechanic for "real world".