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Posted by Boomer1 | Dec 19, 2011 @ 05:54 PM | 13,377 Views
Wanted to share a mystery with you guys. Recently, I helped friend sell a few of his RC boats via the forum. The mystery comes into play on one of these transactions.

We sold a nearly new Carbon Fiber Edition 1M Seawind RC sailboat to a fellow in Florida. Extra care was taken in the packaging of the boat, and other measures were incorporated by the UPS store to protect the boat from shipping damages. I tracked the boat and it arrived on time, but sadly the buyer reported to me that UPS damaged the hull in transit. I asked the buyer to provide me with detailed pictures of the damages to the boat and the box.

The damaged area was hard to see in the photos due to the boat being carbon Fiber, so the cracks didn't show up to well. I contacted my UPS store the same day to process a damage claim. I provided them with the photos, proof of the boats value and an estimate for the repairs - which were more that the amount of insurance we'd purchased. Nonetheless, we provided ample evidence of the value of the boat and of the expense involved in repairing the reported damages incurred in transit.

Those familiar with UPS know it takes a while to get UPS to process claims. Anyway, I have stayed in regular contact with buyer, keeping him informed on any progress and following up with UPS.

Where this starts to get weird is when UPS said they wanted to pick up the boat from the buyer, I told him I didn't understand that, and suggested he not give it to them unless we had some...Continue Reading
Posted by Boomer1 | Dec 14, 2011 @ 11:55 AM | 12,949 Views
Recently completed a Victor Footy kit - I wanted a boat to sail on those days when the wind just isn't strong enough for my larger boats. These little guys are really a lot of fun. They can be sailed in heavier winds but tend to take on water - I may make a few refinements to the hatch seal and the transom to seal up the opening for the rudder's pushrod to reduce the potential for water getting in the boat.

I just received my first Blackstar boat - Chris Lones new 36" beauty. I asked him to ship it without the electronics or deck hardware so I could add my own. The boat looks really good and should be very fast. I plan on completing this boat after we move to our new home in March.

I was very fortunate to have found a very pretty Yellow Nirvana for sale on the forum. I have always liked the Yellow version and wanted to get one to put a few of my own touches to it to see how it'd look. So far so good. Once it is completed it will be going to one of my buddies to get him started on RC sailing.

I completed my Blue Nirvana's upgrades by adding a new high torque sail servo. The servo has a Futaba spline, so the Nirvana servo arm had to be modified to fit. I will testing the new servo as soon as the weather improves a bit here.

Winter time is a great time for projects - but this year a good deal of this winter at my house, will be spent cleaning out my garage and getting rid of things I no longer need or use, and packing for the move. The great news is the new...Continue Reading