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Posted by Boomer1 | Mar 30, 2011 @ 11:15 AM | 15,406 Views
OK, things are moving forward. I was able to come up with a replacment hull and deck to replace the damaged one. I have sold the other boat and extra parts.

I must admit to being somewhat disappointed in fit of the hull and deck components. It requires a lot of clugging around to get them together. Sandy at Graupner USA is a very helpful to MM owners. All the guys I have spoken to, are very helpful as well. So if you want to build one, you have some back up if you get stuck.

One would think that for as many of these boats that have been sold, the German's would have come up with a better design/fit. These things are blow molded or something like that, and not injection molded. The hulls are very thin, 1MM on the standard hull and the carbon fiber finished boat it is 1.5MM. I quess the lighter the faster.

Anyway, the boat when completed looks nice and is a very good sailing boat.
It is actually surprising, how well this little boat can sail. Time will tell if it is a keeper.

Posted by Boomer1 | Mar 11, 2011 @ 10:37 AM | 16,258 Views
Update on the Micro Magic project.

The boats arrived safely, good news there. Upon inspecting the contents, I discovered that the gentleman I purchased them from had started the assembly process of Carbon Fiber boat and unfortunately, not correctly, to the point where it is not practical to repair the damages.

I contacted the seller and he has graciously offered to refund back the value of a replacement hull and deck. This is fair and much appreciated. He was not aware of the full extend of assembly issues.

I was able to locate replacement parts which will permit me to move forward on the the Carbon Fiber version, which is my favorite.

I am excited to get the build started on this boat, but have to wait for the new hull, deck and keel box. These are nice boats, and once completed should make a nice addition to my sailing fleet. These little guys are easy to transport and can handle a wide range of conditions, so from everything I have hear and read, it should be fun to sail and race.

I guess all good things take time. I have decided to sell the other boat, which is the standard racing version 2014 - it is the same exact boat, without the carbon fiber finish. That will be listed in the Classified section sortly. I will update the blog once I receive the new parts.