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Posted by Boomer1 | Jan 26, 2010 @ 11:57 AM | 7,456 Views
Anyone having a Tamiya "Yamaha" Round the World RC sailboat interested in sharing tips on successful modifications, drop a line.

I am nearing completion on the assembly of the boat I purchased online not to long ago. Made some minor changes including, replacing all the running rigging lines with 1 x 7 strand nylon coated SS leader, added turnbuckles to the shrouds which I got from Midwest Model Yachting. Used coated SS leader instead of the line provided for the life lines.

I reinforced the keel/ballast, added water proof off-on switch, and properly sealed and secured the rudder hatch cover and electronics bay cover.

I installed a light weight bulkhead inside the hull to provide additional support keel box. I made and installed a customer "fairlead" for the main sail that raises the height from it's original deck height by 2.3" to provide better leverage for the servo, and to prevent the line from fouling on the coffee grinders" on the deck.

I ve' done the usual detail painting to the helms, wenches etc. I am adding lines to all the wenches to add a little more detail.

I have use some ideas I got from this fourm from "windwarrior6682" and "Ed Morales" who both have these boats. It is really too bad Tamiya discountinued the production of these. I have been able to order some needed items from them, but they only have a very small list of left over parts for this boat.

Still would like to find the crew kit Tamiya made for this boat. Anyone out there having one that will part with it, let me know.

Good Sailing