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Posted by | Oct 13, 2012 @ 10:17 AM | 2,314 Views
First off, This is a rant about poor customer service, I will try not to mention anybody's names, or products. And try my hardest to keep this civil. Last April I decided to try building 30cc sized airframe And I did the normal researching on all the forums that i could find pertaining to the airframes of my choice. Got a lot of useful info, thank you to all that continually post on these sites. So I gathered all of my new found info and made decisions about what products should go into my new project. Component choices where made based on experiences of similar products that I have used in the past, with only one complaint, they ran hot in the summer time. Ambient temps where I fly reach 105-110 regularly. But that is no reason to stay inside and fly on the sim. So my new component worked beautifully all summer 120+flights since may Then I find a problem with my new component. A failed glue joint. So I start thinking to myself, did I push the limits of said component to hard? Was my set up correct? So I contact the manufacturer, and they reply back to me in a few days, no worries box it and send it with a note. Cool. Well 6 days later I get a confirmation on the delivery from USPS. Nothing from the manufacturer So I email them, and wait, and wait. Well 9 days later after several emails, and voice mails just trying to figure out if my component actually made it to the right address. I get an email from the manufacturer. Good news, I was not abusing my component. My set up...Continue Reading
Posted by | Oct 12, 2012 @ 08:27 PM | 2,446 Views
So here it is Friday October 12, 2012 West Coast Huckfest has started and I am unable to go So what is a poor hucker supposed to do, Have a bbq and fun fly at the local rc club. So if anyone should read this and you happen to be in the Redding Ca, area, on sat oct 13th 2012.come on by the Ramac rc club, and enjoy some good food, good people and some good ole hucking.