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Posted by nemoskull | Jul 28, 2014 @ 12:31 AM | 4,002 Views
been a while since i updated, but im back living with 'normal' scoiciety. living in show low, nice house.

jsut FYI if anyone cares.
no back to the planes!
Posted by nemoskull | Jun 03, 2013 @ 02:50 PM | 5,214 Views
okay, so ive been homeless for a while now, but yesterday i blew my head gasket.
so guess what? today ive made my first 'homeless car broke need help' sign. we shall see how it goes. applyed for SSDI, but still no word 5 months later. yay.
doctors app, june 21, but still no way to pay, yay.
family is supposed to help out with that, tho i stil wonder how they wil come up witn the 2,000 a month..... rant for another day.

borrowed a friends car (funny, homeless in the 21 centuery. car broke, begging, but still have cell and netbook and borrowed car......)
still scouting out the best places, seeing as unemployment is close to 30%.... many in same boat or worse.
(i bought an old computer once, from a guy with a veryy nice house, trophy wife and two adorable kids. two new cars (bimmers!) a 20 foot toy boat and a few quads. started checking out the computer, what do i see? hardship lettter to *various* banks. apparently very under water. at least im just broke... gotta look on the bright side.
*sigh* the voices are yelling today. its been a while since they yelled.

but i kept my DX5E and r415! horray for the important things in life!

i think im posting a paypal begging on facebook next.
Posted by nemoskull | Sep 15, 2012 @ 12:08 AM | 7,279 Views
sent off a PCB order to SEEEDstudios (yes, three 'E's)

basially, its a mcp1700 SOT 23 3.3 volt regualtor, with an ATtiny 13a and a twin coil driver mosfet in a sot23-6 package.
its not an h-bridge, but this has its advantges as well.
to use as a regular actuator, you need two coils, one on top the other, or something like that. but its baisicly just a twin 200mah brushed airplane ESC.
its made on 0.6mm PCB, so should be really light. im hoping to have a coil, magnet, pcb, 3 chips, wire and plugs for less than 1g.

its got two outputs and a single V+ (low side mosfets), one at a time, and the code will have them salved to left or right.
so one could run a plane with flaperons, one channel on each wing, or you could use as flaps/spoilers, one set as pull downward, and the other pull upwards.

ive been wanting to get into small planes, but the standard acutators seem too fragle for me, as well as the 50 DT rx is great, but i dont have that kind of many for the fleet i want to have.

the 20 gra, reagion seems right to me. you can still use 6mm motors, 3 gram batterys. ive done this before with a 1 gram DT rx and 2 as2000L servos and one HK5320. it was a zero, at 10 inch WS. flew fine but the aileron caused a stall.
but it did fly with a nano 130mah. AUW was close to 20 grams.

BTW, the 2gram motors setup comes in at 3.5 grams with prop, wiring and ESC, and puts out in the 19 gram of thrust tractor reagion, so it would work great.

well, now i have two weeks to write the code. i have attiny13A in a DIP package, and i can use two BJT transistors in to-92 case to test the code.
Posted by nemoskull | Nov 09, 2011 @ 03:44 PM | 12,036 Views
first entry, misc pics.
items done:
X axis hardware, DONE, $2.50? (threaded rod from hardware store and 3 nuts, 4-40 me thinks)
H bridge controller board, DONE 0.00 (free toy RX board from broken car, ((ran over donation)) )
control MCU, DONE $2.48 (MEGA 48, DIGIKEY, and SMD board, ((10 @ 14$ shipped)))

up next, assembly and test the control boards.
this means wiring up some switches and the RX board to the AVR and writing some basic code.
oh yeah, and i better eat, too.
Posted by nemoskull | Oct 01, 2011 @ 06:38 AM | 9,146 Views
first entry,
mega 32 7 segment direct driver code. in asm. simple program to test my home made 7segment led.
*****code .include ""
.def a= r16
.def segout= r17
.def t1= r18
.def t2= r19
.def t3= r20

ldi a,0
rjmp init
;subs go here
;standard 7 seg layout, assume g is in middle and a is at the top
ldi t1,255
ldi t2,255
ldi t3,6
dec t1
brne d
dec t2
brne d
dec t3
brne d

ldi segout,0b00111111 ;a,b,c,d,e,f
rcall dout

ldi segout,0b00000110 ;b,c
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b01011011 ;a,b,g,e,d
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b01001111 ;a,b,c,d,g
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b01100110 ;b,c,f,g
rcall dout

ldi segout,0b01101101 ;a,c,d,f,g,
rcall dout

ldi segout,0b01111101 ;a,c,d,e,f,g
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b00000111 ;a,b,c,
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b01111111 ;a,b,c,d,e,f,g
rcall dout
ldi segout,0b01100111 ;a,b,c,f,g
rcall dout

out porta,segout

ldi segout,0b0000000
rcall dout

ldi a,low(ramend)
out spl,a
ldi a,high(ramend)
out sph,a

ldi a,0b1111111
out DDRA,a
out DDRB,a
out DDRC,a
out DDRD,a


rcall s0
rcall delay
rcall s1
rcall delay
rcall s2
rcall delay
rcall s3
rcall delay
rcall s4
rcall delay
rcall s5
rcall delay
rcall s6
rcall delay
rcall s7
rcall delay
rcall s8
rcall delay
rcall s9
rcall delay
rcall blank
rjmp main
/*****code end
Posted by nemoskull | Aug 08, 2011 @ 08:18 PM | 9,358 Views
i keep losing my data from my computers crashing, so i am uploading all my data here, mostly my PCB artwork. first up load is 600 dpi 32 TQFP foot print.
***added 16-TSSOP @ 600dpi, these two chips will be used in my DIY plantraco RX. next up is the prototye board protocol

*** prototype dev board for mega 48 added
Posted by nemoskull | Aug 08, 2011 @ 02:43 PM | 9,309 Views
so i have been using AVR tiny25 for the longest time cuz they are cheap (2.00) and light, (smd soic 8) then i looked at the avr mega 8, its 2.37 and light, the 32-tqfp package is almost as small as the 8-soic. so from now on i am getting these. they will be harder to solder, but the 23 i/o lines are SWEET!.
any ways, back to mowing lawn in 110 degree weather. ( could be worse, it could be 115!)
Posted by nemoskull | Jan 21, 2011 @ 01:11 AM | 9,769 Views
i need (want?) some three blade propellers in the 2 inch range, but cant find any anywhere. my solution? as always, make it my self.
the problem is most propellers are made out of fiber glass or carbon fiber, great stuff, but not for the poor. so i was doing some reaserch on this and remembered some stuff called 'Casein'. its a protein found in milk and can be extracted using an acid and heat. i take a few days to dry, but is used today for custom made guitar picks. musicians are really picky about everything, so they mold them to get *exactly* the right shape/sound. they pound them against high strength steel stings under tension, so the plastic must be some what strong.
i have some 100% silicone left over from my glass shop days, and i just got some GWS 2510's. i think i will mold one of then in silicone (positive) and later make some Casein and mold then into my silicone mold to compare them side by side. we will see what happens......

at some point i will have to make a 3 blade prop out of some kind of wood and actually test it for thrust. if i get 5 grams on a 2 inch prop, i will be happy. it doesn't have to last long, just once. (twice if i mold it)
Posted by nemoskull | Jan 06, 2011 @ 09:45 AM | 9,892 Views
free flight timer. last night i made a biplane cobbeled together from parts i had no use for, old wings and tail rotors that where too small. the thing flew very good, but i was afraid to lose it.
so i am building a free flight timer, 15 seconds to 5 minutes. i will post code and schematics when it works. gonna be SMD
Posted by nemoskull | Jan 04, 2011 @ 02:02 PM | 9,776 Views
this is my first blog entry!

this will follow my joys and pains trying to get stardard servos to work with toy rc gear.

most toy rc use a '2b' chip. its a 5 channel (fore, back, left, right, turbo) encoder decoder pair that has a 5th channel that can be used with left or right only, ( no motion when using turbo) i used this in the past as a anchor on La MaraVilla (sunk).

i will be using a Atmel Tiny25 MCU to drive the servos. i have done this before, but i could not get the MCU in take any input from the Rx board. but i didnt try very long until my intrests pulled in another dircection. so i will try again.

that is it for now.
for any listening, thanks