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Posted by Wizardofozone | Dec 30, 2013 @ 11:39 AM | 2,267 Views
I so carefully and respectfully wish to give an opinion ... or perhaps it's more a question about recent tv commercials for the above foundation and several others like it that also advertise cancer treatment services. I'm treading lightly here as there can be nothing so devastating or so empty of hope than to be told one has a cancer that has a termination date to one's life ... and the possibility of a victim reading this is foremost in my mind.

That being said, I still remain puzzled as to what these commercials are EXACTLY trying to say ... because firstly, if they are indeed saving lives that other doctors and medical institutions have pronounced hopelessly lost to a victim , then we need more than a commercial, we need government intervention and the AMA to arrest, or strip the medical practitioner's licence, or some form of criminal charges applied for false prognosis easily 'nullified' by these other 'Miracle Worker' cancer clinics.

It is impossible to grasp this blog topic if you've never seen one or more of these cancer foundation commercials that basically start out with a victims sad prognosis from a 'regular' doctor or hospital .... and end with a happy couple only three clicks below skipping down a sundrenched path full of Disney's cartoon bluebirds and frolicking deer in the backround like some morbid version of 'Song of the South' ..

What exactly are they implying ? They have treatments no one else on the planet has ? That a big smile and acupuncture
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Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 20, 2013 @ 07:18 PM | 2,338 Views
There are 'levels' I believe to RC hobbyists. Some are serious balsa scratch builders who wouldn't be caught dead flying a foamy. In the obverse are the 'moderately interested' who want to simply buy an RTF foamy with transmitter, and use it as long as repeated repairs and duct tape hold , lol ....

Put me probably dead center of each end of those types ... I will fly nothing that doesn't look like it just came from a showroom competition winner's circle, I love foamies, but have always wondered why only the well known RTF Nexstar EP Select and it's sister planes in monokote seem to be the only 'moderate interest' planes on the market easily obtainable, not a kit, and not a bit of foam ... Surely Hobbico has proven to the world that foamie lovers will grab up balsa and monocote RTF's in a second.

This has led me to a new hobby consideration after my local hobby shop owner took me through the interesting world of super thin balsa sheeting. I'm talking about THIN ! ... to a point you can bend it nearly double even in a dry state.

Playing around in the store with a few of the very thinnest offerings, I saw quickly that many of the frustrations we foamy lovers hate the most can be easily eliminated by balsa covering our favorite foamys.

Difficulty in detailed painting of foam, or the black rubbery latex type paints that refuse to stay put become non exsistent problems with a foam core balsa cloaked plane. Monokote lays smoothly, decals stay put, inexact foamy edges and
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Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 14, 2013 @ 10:58 PM | 2,775 Views
This question is for any EEP Eagle owner with the eagle made by Flyparty. How hard could a v-tail gyro , especially using the new Orange 3rd gen gyro/receiver with Vtail and Delta combo be ?

I mean we are talking only about 3 inputs; motor, rudder and elevator .... I have tried literally every possible combination, and reversal trick on both the gyro sliders as well as the transmitter slider buttons to make the gyro perform in unison tail up/down/ and tail left lean and right lean ... all to no avail. Invariably the gyro will make one side of the vtail perform correcttly while the other will only do the identical movement if in some totally different body attitude ... I have tried y harnesses, one into two cables, .... absolutely nothing has worked ....

A gyro was preferred on the eagle because of how flat the entire plane is overall and quite tippy both fore to aft and roll wise as well ... anyone who has put a successful gyro on the standard 5 foot eep eagle please tell me what hook up did you use ?
Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 14, 2013 @ 03:17 PM | 2,486 Views
Well call me old fashioned, or even anal retentive but that movie struck me more as a comic book Multiverse tale than traditional Superman. Too many differences; costume, Krypton backstory,how Jonathen Kent died, and a much too fast love relationship with Lois and her knowledge of his secret identity ...

As character franchises age, updating old back history is necessary. But it seems every new franchise effort wants to start backstories completely redone each and every time ....

Does the current Superman costume now mysteriously disappear depending on whose releasing the next movie ? ...(and boy, did they miss the obvious and easy decision to simply stylize instead of doing away with the red briefs, tribal style wide swoopy lines that were not briefs, but continue to maintain the more familier costume would have been a much wiser choice.)

Seems in this new mindset of change, they'd do better to introduce characters that have many types of costumes depending on purpose ... Just to free their need to keep updating every blessed tradition .... Orphan Annie with eyeballs is next, and Casper is bound to become more an internal and pissed, rather than friendly ghost fairly soon ....lol !
Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 06, 2013 @ 02:24 AM | 2,601 Views
We RC'ers all know what both subtle and strong reactions flying our various electronic marvels can pull from our deep inner emotions. Up until today, after opening up a UPS delivery laid at my door, I would have said no other flying, flapping, hand controlled electronic wonder could pull out more emotion from each of us than our various favorite RC planes.

What if I told you I ordered (without ever seeing this flying wonder in operatiion,) a flying, flapping, hand controlled item that can be operated indoors in any room with lets say ... 20 spectators ... and will most certainly get at least a few of the following results :

1. Literal anger from some, as the device displays electronic timing and hand controlled activity that will remind at least one of those 20 spectators of the general cruelty of man.

2. The overwhelming need to produce some type of closure thought to yourself to pass a judgement on what you are observing.

3. A smile on the faces of some as they admire the electronic timing and precise mimicry of this flying replica.

4. An eerie cold creepiness, perhaps a thought that the device was ignorantly made in complete thoughtlessness toward the possibility of what emotions it might evoke to any spectator.

5. A need for at least one or more of the spectators to repeatedly remind themselves that this flying spectacle is not real, just clever electronic illusion.

6. Some, who might have arrived with thoughts of the upcoming gift giving season, might strain...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 02, 2013 @ 03:20 AM | 2,625 Views
I'm about to tell Clearview RC simulator owners something that will make you say "what a guy !" ... "I have had that problem for years !" or "A genius ! I'm glad I read this blog !!!" .... OR ... "What a moron ! .. are all Italians just generally this stupid ?"

You might say either but I'm man enough to print this out anyway ... No purchased download will dissapear or be lost faster than your paid for Clearview download. One error with something like a 'clean up' program you got from C-Net, and the first and usually only paid for thing you'll lose is Clearview. I've had to send a request letter to them over the years at least a dozen or more times.

And if you are at my intelligence level, the long,confusing manipulation letter they send back will keep you swearing for at least 3 hours. It's a 5 step process of eliminating, retrieving, erasing codes, inserting some old code, receiving a new secondary code, and on and on as if you were James Bond breaking into the russian version of Fort Knox. 2 hours ago I lost it once again for at least the 15th time in over 5 years of use.

I decided this time that for 5 years of use, my lost $39.99 was worth avoiding the 3 hour swear session I knew would begin tomorrow after someone at Clearview finally reactivated the first step of the rest of the 3 hour swear session.

I opened up my Revo uninstaller and dumped the whole program with Revo, which then follows up to remove every fragment...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Nov 01, 2013 @ 02:33 AM | 2,673 Views
It doesn't take an RC'er long to realize his local hobby shop can be charging prices for wiring, props, servos, and related RC things up to 10 times the cost of ordering the identical items from online shops, Ebay, or Amazon. I've just recieved 10 servo extensions from overseas at a near 80% savings over my local gun to the head Hobby Express shop.

But, unless you're an unfortunate that must save up for weeks just to buy a 24 can case of Coca Cola, there is always a drawback to the savings from overseas ordering from the various sites.

I've never found the claimed estimated delivery times to hold true and one needs to allow in most cases a full 21 days to nearly a full month for some types of RC parts. Even more troublesome if you are a winter flyer who would like to fly on the better and warmer winter days ... you can easily miss a full month of winter flying if the plane or planes you have are waiting for the 'slow boat from china' orders to arrive ...

A faster and only slightly more expensive option is to seek and purchase the same parts from Ebay dealers who state flatly in the ads that the items are coming from usa warehouses and many sellers do state that fact along with what I've found to be very accurate delivery dates usually within 8 days.
Posted by Wizardofozone | Oct 25, 2013 @ 09:54 PM | 19,274 Views
Ok, another fast break away from RC ... this time it's another 'mystery' commercial. As I've often said it amazes me what commercials get happily accepted by major corporations and the fee happily paid to admen. they reach TV airing with little impact, or perhaps that's the new secret about commercials ... make them so incredibly mysterious that people like me are talking about it !

... In Sprint's latest offering , the 'friend request' back and forth banter between two known celebrities, I seek someone who has seen it, and simply put ...just tell me what the hell the joke is ... Is he saying at the end 'Red' ? 'Rhett' ? wants to be your friend .... then stunned and angry silence from the other celeb ... please, i'm losing my mind about this stupid commercial ... nothing about it on a general Google search that might have explained it ... I put this one right up there with the short lived tv series starring geico's 'cavemen' .... Ok, so my age might be showing but boy do I long for the simple Mrs. Folger, pouring a steaming cup of coffee with the damn coffee can prominently displayed .... These new commercials only for the 'super hip' insider really frost my snowballs .. UPDATE : Ok, I watched it again for the 20th time. Apparantly they are both reciting a tribute to 'Hannah's Facebook Activity' and are repeating her last 'friend request' activity ... I believe the last 'friend request' is from 'Gregg' ... Even if the angry silent celeb on the left is named Gregg, it still makes little sense unless it's supposed to be a sexual thing that he's trying to befriend a youngster online ... however this Hanna is just a name ,no age, and I am really stretching to come to even that possible conclusion.
Posted by Wizardofozone | Oct 21, 2013 @ 05:02 PM | 2,870 Views
This one is nothing new, and by now most any serious Lipo user knows about it. In case you don't , this is simply saving a Lipo that for some reason you overdrained due to overflying, or if your're like me you left your battery drain system on too long. As you might know, in those over discharge cases what occurs is that there is too little power left for your regular lipo charger to even recognize the battery, or it will begin to charge, then within 30 seconds the charger to begin singing out 'charge error'.

You'll need another charger of the type that handles NIMH batteries, or if you have an adjustable LIPO charger, switch it to Nimh setting. Some hobbyists get quite particular with telling you how much to charge the drained Lipo on nimh but basically you the lipo really needs only about 15 minutes on average on the nimh setting.

Switch back to your normal lipo charger and this time your machine will find and identify it as usual, and probably give the current charge reading, the current state of charge. You then charge it back to its full potential as usual. ... works every time.
Posted by Wizardofozone | Oct 11, 2013 @ 03:45 PM | 3,630 Views
Yes it's rant time between all the talk of RC planes in general. Today is Friday, October 11th.

Even after one flies RC planes for years, a home RC sim is still late night or blustery winter day fun ... that is if the simulator will co-operate.

Straight away I'll flatly state to get either a Phoenix or Great Planes simulator and try to avoid the inexpensive but exasperating Clearview RC download.

This rant is geared more to the perfectionists out here. I think Clearview is perfectly wonderful for beginners and will save truly expensive losses from occurring to you until you learn to fly.

But for seasoned RC'ers , Clearview RC sim will have you hating your computer and for no reason at all. I downloaded the non operational Phoenix Flight Demo because it uses full power in the demo to allow you to test your computers ability to use all of the Phoenix sim features and computer drain. no problems at all.

Now load up your Clearview sim, and if you have a game booster to turn off all of your other backround nonsense that you wonder about, turn that on too. now, good luck ... better I hope than mine.

I think something happened to the Clearview Sim download I'd guess about 10 months ago. Up until then it was smooth, with glassy monokote reflections and smooth ground views as one sailed by at any speed. Suddenly I noticed one day the twitchy slower framerates, odd responses to to my esky controller faux transmitter, coupled with what seems total abandonment by...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:40 AM | 4,211 Views
It's Friday October 11th, 2013 . I thought I'd show a picture and add a few tips about the slightly troublesome Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver bush plane with pontoons.

Firstly, you'll immediately notice my personal changes if your familiar with this plane from Flyzone.. Some changes are simply because I always personalize most of my planes in any case, but many times certain changes are necessary because of poor choices made by the factory during construction.

Here are a few tips and what to expect on arrival of your new Beaver. This plane is deceptivily huge, pics don't really give the full picture of its overall bulk. I'd place it only about one or 2 clicks below the Nexstar Select size wise.

1. Transporting to your field needs consideration because you will most definitely not want to take the wings off after the build. They are a snap in 'pushbutton' affair that is quite tedious to remove. Couple that with the metal wing struts and the pontoon struts (The pontoons are 26 inches long by the way) and you'll also soon realize that if you build it with the pontoons instead of the included wheels, you'll probably decide as I did that this is overall a water or snow lander only. Its at least a 20 minute job to change over to wheels from pontoons.

2. Break the seal around the windshield,add your own type of wire or foam slide in rails and make the windshield removable. It's truly the easiest way to get any part of your hands inside the cramped interior. One pic here shows...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Oct 09, 2013 @ 06:47 AM | 3,271 Views
I can't believe I did to my personal blog exactly what I myself always complain about ... blogs that just stop blogging ! Ok, so I've learned why ... things pop up, interests change , and blah blah blah .... However I continue to fly ! Greatest hobby I know !

What has changed since the last blog entry almost 2 years ago is my discovery that the Skyartec Cessna is a waste of money. All of my planes as seen in my blog photos are still operational except that Skyartec .... and , perfectionist that I am ... they all still look brand new ... My son on the other hand continues to fly strips of duct tape, crazy glue, and foamy repair plates and no decals left !

I've recently added the Flyzone large size Beaver with pontoons to the stable. Another new interest , due to the excessive windy conditions over the last few months is the tower hobby Orange DX version 2, and as well as ordering the version 3 that is the gyro contained in an Orange DX receiver, so no excess extra male to male connectors are necessary as the gyro is also the receiver.

I have to admit defeat however concerning trying to add an OrangeRX to my wind sensitive Bald Eagle replica. Although the version 2 as well as 3 both include Vtail as well as Delta mixing for the stabilizer electronics, I have tried every possible combination of wire input to the Bald Eagle with nothing but crazy surface results.

Although the version 3 (which finally does have a manual unlike version 2, states that the Orange must
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Posted by Wizardofozone | Feb 15, 2012 @ 01:10 AM | 3,881 Views
I am devoting part of my RC blogpage as I have explained in part 1 ,to rants .. things that make me so livid it can put one off from even enjoying one of the best hobbies in the world ... RC'ing

I'm so embarrassed at myself for needing to plead for some of you to mentor me, for I am obviously so out of touch that I can no longer see a jot nor tittle of 'reality' .. in 'Reality' shows.

I plead, I beg for any in here kind enough to enlighten me for surely I MUST be a moron to literally have not answer one to two especially rant making 'Reality' shows ... HARDCORE PAWN and STORAGE HUNTERS

Now, before I'm written off as a complete Stooge, I will claim to have enough sense to realize the shows sponsors, writers, and Directors must of course 'mold' some situations so the show will have enough appeal ... that much I don't need explained to me .... I know every crazy whim of the participants who are the 'owners' or 'hunters' or the 'employees' are often just following the writer's or Director's instructions ....

But not everything can be story-telling , and some who walk in to the Detroit based Hardcore Pawn Shop are most certainly just customers .... and that is where I need Mentors to bring me down to some type of reality understanding I can grasp ... if just this one time ....

If, the reader has used for example the sentence " I'm not leaving until you give me want I want " since childhood ... and marvelously it has been an effective threat time and...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Feb 04, 2012 @ 08:43 PM | 3,519 Views
The second part of this rant is about TV commercials. Certainly they have always been generally an annoyance and so no gripe will be included here on that broader issue ... but it's the commercials that are truly creations with hidden agenda or pure stupidity that I'd love someone to explain to me ....

1. JG Wentworth : As in my tv series rant above, here is another instance where I would have loved to be sitting at the writer's table when these physically painful commercials were invented.

I can hear them alll now ... " Ok guys ! we need to cram Structured Settlement advance loans right down the viewers throats "! ... How about we go absolutely annoying ? Maybe even insert anger subliminals till they turn psychotic ? ... Let's start with 15 actors that literally scream out of windows, from cars, from elevators, off of bridges .... " IT'S MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW !!! ' .... then double punch them with literally ... The fat lady sings opera style ... let's make them scream opera at the top of thier lungs ... 'I HAVE A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT BUT I NEED CASH NOW " .... That should make us seem like a thoughtful, friendly, and sensible company right " ?

Strictly because of those blood pressure raising commercials, I wouldn't use JG Wentworth for a cash advance even if I ended up in a cardboard box under an off ramp bridge ....

2. Tom Cruise Powered Wheelchair : (Not the Actor) This genius is a registered professional nurse and owner...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Feb 04, 2012 @ 11:12 AM | 3,471 Views
Nothing seems to inform me that my blog page must be about RC specificly,and lately I've reached that point where I see so many outrageous things and find no place to express my anger ... or worse, the outrage is new to me but old to everyone else which makes me find opinion pages now 'closed' .... I intend to refresh this blog 'cube' portion of the page with things not particularly RC ... just infuriating ...

NETFLIX : With new services like Vudo, Netflix and other new ways of watching old tv series offerings, comment sites should think twice before 'closing' down the weigh in section of series comments just because the original show has been off the air for years ....

With the new found ability to start fresh, we all can now easily condense 6 or 10 seasons into a few weeks or months .... and, as with the original fans feel the same new urge to go ballistic at infuriating and stupid endings after the loyal following of some super complicated series ....

2 series stand out to me currently .... 'Smallville' and 'Lost' .... both have deeply and quite successfully convinced me that there is no way to employ teams of writers for 6 or 7 years and maintain any logical overall uniformity and a feeling of 'linear' logic and completeness to a story after that length of time ...

Reminds me of trying to appease a child at bedtime who wants to know more and more about 'Cinderella' .... so as good Fathers we sit there creating a clever pregnancy scenerio for Cindy, followed...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Jan 20, 2012 @ 01:03 PM | 3,941 Views
Would love to hear opinions on this. Recieved an email last night extolling battery motors over nitro engines when the build will involve the need of at least a .35 to .50 size powerplant to move a 3 to 6 pound model.

When your build will be weighty and demand such pulling power, what makes YOU lean to one power setup over the other and why ?

Pros versus Cons seems to favor Nitro if overall outdoor fire safety is eliminated from the decision making process, and perhaps Nitro is noiser as well.

But those factors aside, and adult safety mentality with Nitro taken for granted, I find the .35 to .50 electric brushless when added to its needed power input batteries in the 14.5 to 18.5 range to be extremely heavy and really expensive for the typical 18.5 volt needs of truly large electrics such as the Rimfire I'm currently contemplating.

My current personal opinions against electric over gas (when a LARGE engine is needed ) is as follows, but rebuttals to my thoughts will be more than appreciated !

1. Boasts that electrics of the same size as a gas engine are 'equal' in power seems untrue to me or true in a very limited and short flying time sense.

2. When a model plane is in the 3 to 8 pound range the strength of a nitro prop versus an electric prop for load security against breakage seems safer to me.

3. S4 and especially S5 lipo power is consistently in the pound to pound and a half weight range and higher and that's EXcluding the brushless motor weight...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Jan 13, 2012 @ 12:32 PM | 3,776 Views

Before you read another sentence in this ongoing story of the flying wonder that is 'FLYGUY' , created by a man I consider a genius , please be aware that you DO NOT want to build what I am building (at least not at first ! )

If you go to the 'Flyguy' forum thread you'll be given free PDF downloads to make your pattern ... or for very little money a member there will laser cut 6 mm Depron parts for you for a really low double digit cost.

I'm sure I'm spelling his last name wrong but the genius creator of this truly easy scratchbuild is Otto Dieffenbach ... (You'll find his name spelled correctly at the forum I promise !)

His original design and 6mm Depron advice allows for a lightweight flying man needing only a typically moderate sized motor just a bit smaller than one similar to sailplanes currently on the market ... I'd advise you build one to his exact specs first for a hassle free good time.

I, on the other hand continue to do as always, that is , make my life incredibly difficult by never following anyone's suggestions such as the one just given above.

Most who read my blog know I was stunned after recieving a message that this flying man existed, as I began wanting a full sized flying man since way back in 1957 and of course at that time , only an impossible dream .... so this flying wish come true is truly something special to me .. and to be honest, will be the crowning leader of my RC fleet of planes.

For that reason...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Dec 26, 2011 @ 07:52 AM | 4,502 Views

I really appreciate the email I recieve from individual members of the many forums I frequent.
Several of us have been discussing the 'strange unspoken line' that one might invariably cross
from pure lack of knowledge, ... about a particular sites own 'protocol', posting etiquette, 'forbidden thoughts' ... (and it is truly amazing what might be a gross 'no-no' statement on a forum ! )

One may unknowingly be writing what he thought was the most common of posts .. or, swept away by 'zeal' writes something that appears to a particular Forum group as out and out ' Forum
Blasphemy ' .... as if a new member would even know such 'no-no's ' existed .

Sad really, and I wonder if the older, tightly cliqued in place Forums realize that if it is so easy for a poster to commit some 'Forum Atrocity' ... why not make more stringent out and out 'rules' that are even MORE explicit than the generic posting rules usually found in each Forum site :






5. IF...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Dec 21, 2011 @ 10:34 AM | 4,208 Views
"The Hobby in Winter "

Rc flying requires bowing to the elements, and it can be a blessing or curse depending on one's attitude.
If you ride a motorcycle or scooter and have limited or unheated storage, you know the drawbacks of Winter.

In summer we are too busy using the bikes to attempt many long range modifications or repairs ... and in Winter many of us lack enough heat or room in our storage areas to accomplish much work either, even in that lull while we wait for Spring and Summer to return.

RC'ing suffers not at all from this problem and in fact due to the heavier need than many other hobbies require, ie: maintaining our 'fleets' beauty and flying integrity, ... Winter and Winter's time of permitting us to 'retreat', rethink, regroup, and work at a slower and more focused pace can be a wonderful and interesting sub extension to our hobby.

Beginning needed modifications, repairs, and acquiring new models and build kits IS our Hobby In Winter. For the perfectionist hobbyist there is even a greater benefit in Winter, because often in Summer there is a rush to complete whatever needs accomplished to our models so we can hastily return to the flying fields, making many models literally 'held together with string 'n baling wire'
to coin an old phrase ...

Summer flying rush makes even the most particular of us perform repairs and mods, or builds or even complete plane package purchases at a more hurried and less planned out...Continue Reading
Posted by Wizardofozone | Dec 18, 2011 @ 08:57 PM | 4,031 Views

I'm certainly no longer a noobie to RC flying .... (see my current fleet !) but I sure am to scratchbuilding . BUT WAIT ! ... If you've wanted a flying man for as long as I and you cannot imagine scratchbuilding you've got to read on because like me, a non scratcher , you are gonna love this build.

Remember, ... this RC flying man, robot, superhero or whatever you choose it to be ... (the creator of this wonder made one into his daughter ! ) is FREE ! .... Not 'gimmicky suck you in ' free ... I mean the downloadable plans are absolutely free in PDF format and in different sizes too !

I'm even noobier than I mention because I can't even do that little bit of photocopier magic ... downloading the 'tiles' ... individual sheets that you tape together to make the patterns for each part of Flyguy.

If the typical $350 (sold by someone else for another type of flyingman figure ) is too much to pay for precut parts of Depron sent to you, then how about the largest FLYGUY ... A whopping 62" .... from 6 mm Depron, all laser cut for you ... no tiles, no printers, no taping 8x11 sheets of copy paper ... for $60 currently !

(one of the members is in the laser cutting business for Balsa RC flyers and started cutting these a
few months ago I believe just for a lark ... and for fellow Flyguy Forum members. ) It's not what he cuts for a living.

Ok, about the build .. An interesting thing occurred...Continue Reading