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Posted by Beltpilot | May 12, 2010 @ 01:35 AM | 36,614 Views

Sorry, the below info is mainly outdated as the present version of the Mustang is V7, which faced major improvements. Most of the below mods are unnecessary.
If you are looking for further information about any FMS warbird, please visit Gary's/Sandancer's blog (link below)

The FMS P-51D Mustang is a large and nice model, however it is not really ARF as some modifications have to be done before getting airborne. Other modifications enhance it's look or functions and can make life easier...

Overview of the kit

A very nice site about the Mustang and other things of interest connected to warbirds

Some modifications depend on the version of the plane. At the moment, there are five versions, with only the latest being currently sold:

V1: early prototype; 3S setup; only few units sold

V2: 4S setup; 540kV motor; 40A ESC; no flaps or retracts out of the box, however main&tail gears can be made retractable as they come with the mechanism; only few units sold

V3: 4S setup; 600kV motor; 40A ESC; flaps&retracts out of the box, new tailwheel sits in simple slot (red color) right underneath the rudder and is not retractable, but some units have been sold with the former retractable tailwheel at the scale location; reinforced wings; numerous units sold

V4: 4S setup; 600kV motor; 50A ESC, additional BEC, flaps&retracts out of the box, tailwheel on this one is slightly modified from V3,...Continue Reading