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Posted by Hasek | Jul 20, 2011 @ 09:35 PM | 2,626 Views
A handful of us are building dz1sfb's (Ken) WW2 foamy kits for streamer combat. Here's the main thread with the many kits and plans Ken has available.

I am pretty psyched. This blog entry is simply so I can post some photo's and get some feedback from another person building this kit.

In the first pic: did you have to open the bottom a bit on the cutout for elevator? I'd imagine each kit has it's own little things that need attention. It seems when the elevator is angled all the way down, it lightly scrapes the cutout part on the horizontal stab. Also in this pic, it seems the elevator has pretty tight tolerances to the fuselage tail piece (as named in the plan pdf). One more thing out of curiosity, did you profile that to both sides of the fuselage upper piece?

In the second pic, after looking at the P64 buid guide and fiddling around, I believe I have the kf step, main wing panel, and the horizontal fuselage panel all sandwiched in the proper order. Can you verify this for me?

Thanks Bub!