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Posted by Piece | Jan 11, 2013 @ 12:10 AM | 11,698 Views
I bought the Axe (first version) many years ago before I moved out of helis and into planes. It had eCCPM control, a brushed 400 motor, a 9-cell Ni-MH pack, and one of those godawful 3-in-1 control boards. I don't recall exactly why I stopped flying it. I believe it was related to isues with the tail motor that just wouldn't go away, and then eventually I think the radio just plumb stopped working. Well, THAT was quite awhile ago.

I have a HobbyKing gyro that I bought for no good reason, and I can probably scrounge up three servos... I have all the other stuff I'd need for a full-house brushless main + tail setup, too. In short, there's virtually no reason I shouldn't be able to put it back in the air very quickly.

So I just wrestled the stock motor out and installed an Electrifly Ammo 2040-size, 3500Kv inrunner with a pinion I found in my motor box. Hooked up an ESC and a servo tester, still not totally committed to this spur-of-the-moment idea... And then I spun up the blades and realized that the sound alone is probably half the original addiction.

I surely need a linkage set and maybe a feathering shaft, and then just a bit of elbow grease to get this old bird flying. I checked Tower and, being the good ole Hobbico stagnation pond they are, they have a full line of replacement parts in stock. Cool. Only problem is that I'm heading back to Fairbanks in four days, so I have virtually zero time to monkey around with shipping. I'm gonna check the hobby shops tomorrow to see if any Axe CP linkage sets got kicked under a shelf some years back, but I suspect I'll have to place an order with Tower anyway. Hmmph.

But for now, it's looking like a quick whirlwind of hunting down and mounting the requisite electronics, and then figuring out a half-decent way to stick a lipo in where a Ni-Brick used to sit. Let's roll