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Posted by Piece | Sep 23, 2012 @ 04:18 AM | 13,110 Views
I get more inquiries about this plane than any other I've ever built. I decided that I'd do this quick write-up with some pics so that I have somewhere to refer all you guys who want to know more about it.

This was my first built-up balsa plane, built somewhere around April 2011. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to build, but I never drew up any plans or anything. Just started cutting balsa and making it up as I went. It was originally intended to be a sort of park racer or fast aerobat in the 75mph range and was designed around the venerable Suppo 2212/6 motor and a 5x5 prop. It has full 4-channel control and was built with dual aileron servos for setup simplicity and control options (flaperons, differential etc.).

The open tail structure seems to be a point of continued fascination with this plane. That was actually the second fuselage I built for it; the first was more similar to a Slipso in construction and couldn't accommodate the motor it ended up with without tearing off the firewall on landing. The first-version closed fuselage was destroyed not long after I built it, so I replaced it with the open-tail one which had significantly more interior space and allowed me to mount the larger Suppo 2217/6 internally which I found to be more appropriate for the plane. V1.1 flew great (incredibly well, actually) but had a few spots that sat rough with me. They were mostly just basic design/construction things, but they made it less-than-perfect.

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