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Posted by Piece | Aug 21, 2012 @ 11:44 PM | 15,821 Views
This is pretty much just a compilation of some of the various pylon-type planes I've built over the past few years. Pics and basic specs of each just for fun.

- Slipso400 -

I started this one about a week ago, two days before I destroyed the blue and white one. Notable changes include a longer, higher-aspect-ratio wing (32" span, 4.25" root chord) that's made from a 3/8" plank, and a slightly wider, deeper, and longer fuselage. All parts blend smoothly together for a virtually seamless, incredibly slippery profile. Should be finished soon, hopefully.

- Slipso400 -

This is the newest Slipso I've built. Fully glassed, Venom V40 motor, 3S 1800mAh pack, 30A Jeti ESC. I think I finally did the linkages a way I like them, and overall I'm happy with the looks and such. Haven't maidened her yet but I'm expecting ~130-135mph.

**** EDIT 12-13-2012 ****
This Slipso was maidened a few months ago and flew very nicely. I've now got a Mega 16/15/2, 4.1x4.1, and a 60A ESC to drop in. I'm expecting 150mph as a conservative number with that setup, but it'll depend on how well my packs are holding up.

**** EDIT 1-4-2013 ****
A few days ago, after (I think) three excellent flights with the Mega setup, I wrecked this one by inadvertently activating the Delta Wing mix on my transmitter while navigating to its model memory slot. Went through a couple trees and then the ground. Its replacement has been on the bench for some time now...

- T-tail Slipso...Continue Reading