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Posted by ODUsurfer | Oct 25, 2010 @ 09:50 PM | 3,422 Views
So I've always loved the Corsair, and I love Parkzone's Corsair. It looks great, flies great, and is just a solid airframe... But I've never liked Parkzone electronics. They are always overly cheap, with their plastic motors and weak servos that never last the life of a plane without stripping. Plus there is usually little room to speed planes up using any of the stock equipment... So, I just built one from parts!

Parts needed:
PKZ4667 Bare Fuselage (painted): Corsair $30.59 @ LHS
PKZ4620 Bare Wing (Painted no decals, no servos): Corsair $34.19 @ LHS
PKZ4625 Horizontal Tail with Accessories: Corsair $10.44 @ LHS
PKZ4626 Cowl: Corsair $5.99 @ LHS
PKZ4613 Clear Canopy & Painted Battery Hatch: Corsair $11.39 @ LHS
PKZ4603 Decal Sheet: Corsair $4.99 @ LHS
PKZ4428 Motor Mount w/Screws: T-28, F4U $3.29 @ LHS

If you're a true parkflyer like me, you'll likely just buy the Skid Plates (PKZ4627) that sell for $4.99, and just belly land in the grass. Otherwise you'll need to buy the Landing Gears (PKZ4606) and Tail Gear (PKZ4607) for $6.99 and $3.49, respectively.

Total: $105.87

That's it! So for just over $100, you get one of the best foam parkflyers out there as an ARF. Not to mention if you want to really run lean, you could pass on the landing skids in favor of masking tape, make your own motor mount, and even go without the decals if you wanted too, keeping the cost well under $100 dollars. I am simply amazed I don't see more people doing this!

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