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Posted by ODUsurfer | Dec 31, 2009 @ 04:50 PM | 3,200 Views
Just wanted to post up my latest planes, and lessons learned from each.

Parkzone Vapor
One of the funnest little micro planes you can buy. On top of that, it makes a fantastic trainer for someone who has never flown. I've had it almost a year now, and I've beat the hell outta it. I've replaced the propeller twice, the rudder once, and the motor mount once. -And I still love flying it.

Eflite Nieuport 17
-So I've had my little Nieuport 17 since this summer, and have upwards of 100+ flights on it now. Love it! I used a 2712-17 outrunner motor, 10A ESC, GWS 8043 prop with 7.4v 1000 20C Lipo batterys, all from Headsuprc.com. (Great vendor, btw.) It basically flies like a slowstick, but looks about a million times better.

One criticism I have though after all this time though: It's just a little too fragile. They specifically say that this is not a "3D" plane, and they are quite right. Capable? Definitely. -But not recommended unless you really beef it up with some carbon fiber.

Even though it loops all day long, does death spirals, flies inverted, and pretty much any other manner of tricks capable of a 3-channel plane... -If you do so, expect that you will quickly develop cracks in the wings, and/or break loose the struts on a regular basis. I've had major cracks on my bottom wing 3-4 times now, once on the upper wing, and had the struts pull out of the foam bunches of times as well. This ain't no GWS Slow Stick! Granted, I've probably been flying it...Continue Reading