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Posted by ODUsurfer | Sep 23, 2009 @ 09:20 AM | 3,559 Views
Haha, this hobby used to be so expensive to get into... Not anymore! All it takes is some shopping! Never underestimate the power of networking at your LHS, classified area in these forums, and craigslist! As long as your careful, used stuff at half price is the best, especially for a newbie learning the hobby!
  • Spektrum DX6i - $50 used from a buddy of mine that really wants me to fly with him.
  • Parkzone Vapor BNF - $50 used off Craigslist
  • Parkzone Micro Cessna RTF - $40 used at the LHS
  • Megatech Air Strike RTF - FREE from my older brother that hasn't flown it in over a year, just needed a new battery. (Granted its junk, but great to learn on!)

So for what is a ridiculously low investment, I have three different planes I can wreck... -er... -I mean learn on... *cough, cough*... and three different Tx's, one being a DX6i that should last me for a *very* long time in this hobby. (and in all actuality, I could have just as easily gone with two, or even one of these planes, if I was on a serious budget.