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Posted by robin andrew | Jul 27, 2006 @ 04:34 PM | 10,636 Views
Hi all, I firstly got into building model aircraft in 1948, just after world war II and built a couple of rubber models.
I still could not aford power kits so I used to visit the local Grimsby model shop called HAWES and with the help of a young lady, open up their kits to see the plan. I then drew out the exact design from memory and built some nice models inc a Frog Radius control liner, Frogs power biplane and other small span models. I then found that I had to learn to fly controline and not get dizzy.
When it got to 1950, radio control was introduced in magazines, so I started building the receivers (single valve) and transmitters (ground based).
I was familar with USA valves (acorn minitures) after doing my National Service in the RAF, so I quickly got a strong cross coupled tank circuit going and fed off a 12v dynamotor and small twin 6v scooter batteries. The receiver was a different story as they didn't stay tuned for more than one flight. So I built Harry Hundulby's SPARKY and it flew once or twice under control during 1950. The rest of the time I re-tuned the receivers (having built a twin valve HILL type by now).
Eventualy I purchased a ESVEE super-regen type rx and it was relayless and this got me better flying time. I now bought a ED radio queen and got some more time in on single channel by using a reliable MACUATOR by Ripmax, but powered by a rubberband. This confidence led to my own designed lightweight diesel powered models of...Continue Reading