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Posted by GRASS GRINDER | Mar 21, 2010 @ 04:01 AM | 3,600 Views

In the first picture I reinforced the fuse with 2 3/4 basswood and 1 inch balsa sides. the wings are reinforced with 3mm cf tubes.

In the second picture I added a kf airfoil,shortened tail and I am working on the fuse cover and canopy.


Posted by GRASS GRINDER | Mar 14, 2010 @ 01:12 PM | 3,170 Views
Hi my names Jeff I've been in the rc hobbies for a while I started out building an rc boat. It's a Areomarine sprint cat 29 inches long hull with a 7.5 K&B inboard.
I had run it for 2 years till I had connecting rod problems. I still have the boat but it's collecting dust now, and doing a darn good job of it too.

In 2005, I got the bug to get an rc buggy 1/8 scale. I looked around and decided on an kyosho mp 7.5 kit I built the kit put in a Paris racing Picco
G_1b motor I've run a gallon of fuel through the motor and it still runs like new.
never raced it like I intended too because the local track closed. So i just ran it around town.

As of last year I decided to try my hand at flying electric planes.
I built a biplane out of 9mm epp foam with a 29 inch wingspan and a 34 inch full fuselage.
It was based off of "EWO'S Got Amit Bipe" when I maidened it I quickly found the cg way off. It was flying tail heavy and the cg was too high in the fuselage she started to roll over , after making a lower plate and moving it forward it was airborne and underpowered I had the throttle at full and it barely pulled forward. My first motor a "Rimfire 26-28-1000" with a 10X3.8 prop and it barely had enough power to fly it . The total weight was at 20 ounces with a 2 cell 1000mah lipo pack. so I tried a 3cell 800mah lipo still not enough. I propped up and down and not enough to my liking.
So I bought a Rimefire 28-30-1250 and a 1300 3 lipo cell and...Continue Reading