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Posted by DEBAY777 | Jan 31, 2013 @ 01:00 AM | 4,121 Views
My name is Daniel and I live on the east coast of North Carolina (USA). Since this is a blog and I may end up devoting some time to this I thought a somewhat brief backhistory of my experiences in R/C flight is in order.

Im 37 and have been seriously flying for (as best I can recall) 4-6 years. My first R/C bird was an ebay special, 3 channel, brushed, glider type plane. I flew it for a few months before all of my novice mistakes took their tole. This all happened prior to my "serious" addiction to the hobby. I let things lapse for a bit and eventually I found one of those 3 channel pushers with carbon tail boom and a V-tail. I loved it. Crashes didnt kill my motor and it lived considerably longer than the ebay special. Just long enough for tax returns......

Much to my wifes surprise I came home with an E-Flite Apprentice 15-e. Keep in mind that I had no mentors, trainers, or friends with R/C flight experience. I had gobs of time on a sim but zero flight training. My maiden flight consisted of 20 minutes of staring at $400 of shaped packing peanuts that were either about to fly or to be blown over a 40 acre sod farm. My first flight was successful and the bug was caught. The following tax sason broght me a Parkzone T-28. I flew them for about about a year and a half or so before fate stepped in and removed their capacity to produce lift and remain aloft. After many months of dabling and tinkering in scratchbuilts (tax time was a long way off) I found Dollar...Continue Reading