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Posted by OmegaRedIsDMan | Dec 15, 2011 @ 02:16 PM | 2,994 Views

I just finished installing the V120D02S RX in my 4G6. I copied the settings from my genius cp. Then hovered it only a foot off the ground. Still in ground effect. Even so I could tell it was much more stable but something was off. When I hit throttle hold the head speed would slow but the heli. would float up a bit first Turns out that my pitch channel needed reversing. It's a good thing I didn't try to do more than hover a foot off of the ground before finding that out

I also tried flying it with the rx in setup mode. Since I still have the flybar on that made it fly just like having the old 2609 rx in. Pretty cool to be able to switch back and fourth.

I'm still tweaking my tail gyro setup but even with the pesky vibration I have the tail holds much better in rate mode than I ever could get my 2609 rx gyro to hold. So far I'm impressed.


so I finally tracked down the vibration I had. Now flying my flybarred 4G6 with the V120D02 RX seems very smooth and stable. It will stay in the same orientation hands off for a few seconds. Since i'm flying indoors I have to put my hands back on and touch the pitch because its very sensitive with the high head speed of the TA915.

I have the Elevator\Aileron gain, and extent set to 10 o'clock. With these settings it felt like I had too much expo. So I went in to my 2801 TX and set expo to linear (no expo). That only made things slightly more responsive.

I just realized that when I originally set the two pots I thought one was for aileron gain and the other was for elevator gain. So maybe if I go back and increase the elevator/aileron extent pot, the heli. will feel more responsive