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Posted by GimpyPilot | May 29, 2011 @ 01:09 AM | 4,752 Views
I got a fair bit of work done on the Bug today, and I made my first trip to the LHS to pickup the Power 25, navigation and position light components, some paint, 5-min epoxy, some light ply and birch, X-acto blades and the pushrod and sleeves I will use for the rudders.

I got the flaps and slats cut into both wings, and rehinged - trim paint remains.

This was interesting as I found there is a 3rd carbon spar in the wing that stretches from an unknown place inboard on the wing to very far outboard.
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Posted by GimpyPilot | May 24, 2011 @ 12:58 PM | 4,784 Views
Well the time has come and I am about to begin the next Funscale build in my tribute to the Centennial of Naval Aviation.

Subject for this next build is the F/A-18C Hornet.

I ordered an airframe only Starmax/Blitz RC Works 90mm F/A-18C in Jolly Roger scheme from Banana Hobby this morning.

I will build this plane as a pusher instead of as an EDF, because the 4 minute flight times are just too low for me.

Power will be courtesy of an E-Flite Power 25 and 9x?? pusher prop, driven by a Turnigy DLux 70A ESC. Juice will flow from Turnigy Nano-Tech 4S 3000mAh 25-50C battery. I expect 8-10 minute flight times.

I have ordered HXT-900 and HXT12K metal gear servos from Hobby King for the control surfaces.

Changes from the stock Starmax/Blitz RC Works kit will be flying tail (independently actuated by HXT12K metal gear servos), rotating retracts with semi scale struts (the X-Flight struts), flaps and slats, and drooping ailerons when the flaps are deployed.

I estimate flying weight at between 5 lbs and 5 lbs 4 oz.

I will also weather the plane and intend to install a full-house scale lighting setup, and the Hyperdyne RGB color changing afterburner effect lighting.

Between completing our move to San Diego and upcoming vacation to Galveston, I expect to finish the build in late June.

Waiting on confirmation from Banana Hobby and about to pull trigger with Hobby King.

Stay tuned for updates.