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Posted by GimpyPilot | Jan 19, 2011 @ 02:55 PM | 4,776 Views
Well, now that my fleet has expanded to 4 (PZ T-28 Trojan, PZ Extra 300, E-Flite UMX Beast micro, E-Flite/Blade 120SR micro-heli), I have enjoyed some tremendous flying days.

I also recently added PhoenixPro RC Simulator since GimpyWife and GimpyDaughter have expressed an interest in learning how to fly, expanding my virtual fleet to some 120+ aircraft.

The weather here in San Diego has been tremendous and so I have been flying the 120SR just outside the front door as well as inside the RV, and also the UMX Beast when winds allow. The Trojan just keeps on keeping on and remains a joy when flying at dusk and into night.

I recently picked up the PZ Extra 300 again and have been flying it hard in preparation for possibly adding the new Carbon-Z Yak-54. I have seen this plane flown by several pilots now of varying skill and have all but decided to add it to my stable.

I am really enjoying the heli flying, both the real 120SR as well as in the Phoenix simulator and will probably add a larger CP heli later this year, for an eventual scale build (either an MD500 or Airwolf, not decided yet). Since I have had such great luck with HH products (all 4 aircraft, both radios, and the simulator), I am leaning towards the Blade 400 right now.

Looking forward to a great year full of RC and full scale aviation.
Posted by GimpyPilot | Jan 03, 2011 @ 05:37 PM | 4,633 Views
Well, I and my new Blade 120SR have both survived a week of flying.

I really like the challenge from flying the heli, even though with fixed pitch and a 45 degree flybar it is fairly benign. I have nose-out hovering, and nose-left hovering down pretty well. Nose-in and nose-right are still a struggle, as is flying outdoors, but it is a tough little bird.

I have hit 40 flights now, about 4 hours of flight time. I can take off and land from small areas (maybe twice the size of the rotor disc).

I finally managed to throw a control link from the flybar to the rotor head in a crash in the living room, and have had to replace one lost body grommet, but other than that it just keeps on ticking.

Great little bird, I recommend it for anyone wanting to get into heli flight.