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Posted by GimpyPilot | Dec 28, 2010 @ 10:17 AM | 5,020 Views
So I was at the mall in San Diego recently when my wife came out to see my daughter and I, and we noticed a sign that read the following:

'I will not be vague about my wants, because vagueness leads to socks, ties and underwear.'

So, this year I informed GimpyWife that I would handle the gifts she and GimpyDaughter would be getting me for Christmas.

So after our 1400 mile cross country journey in my trusty V8 Grand Cherokee, we stopped into a small hobby shop and I picked out the first of two new additions to my fleet, an E-Flite Beast UMx biplane.

I had seen one of these great little flyers in the able hands of one of my friends at the field in San Diego recently, and I simply had to have one. The Beast is highly modified Pitts S12 biplane, the last plane designed by Curtiss Pitts, yes, that Pitts. It is a large plane and is powered in full scale by a 360-400hp Russian 9 cylinder radial. If you have never seen one of these in person, you simply must do whatever it takes. This is pure, smoke and fire, stick and rudder, round engine aviation goodness.

So E-Flite has previously modelled The Beast in a large size electric, and earlier this year added the micro size. This thing is NOT your father's micro, it is of extremely high fit and finish, has a great looking clear canopy, a powerful tiny little brushless outrunner, and it flies great. I have one battery through mine as the conditions in Wichita KS have been cloudy and F'ing cold with a chance...Continue Reading