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Posted by GimpyPilot | Nov 12, 2010 @ 12:46 AM | 5,722 Views
Flight Operations Update.

The Trojan now has 25 flights on it, half of them at night.

I recently finished off the installation of the new wing mounted landing lights and the E-Flite Power 10 motor. With the Power 10 installed the cg worked out to 2" from the LE instead of the desired 2.5"

To work the balance issue out I installed a light ply plate with some velcro and a velcro strap so that I could install the battery further aft. Works like a champ. AUW with a 2200 mAh 25C battery is now 39 Oz, 9 Oz heavier than stock - balanced right at 2.5". I can feel the weight difference, seems more stable in the wind and a little more ballistic when maneuvering but not quite as light on the controls as stock.

I also switched over to my new DX7 and must say I am impressed, range checked great - programming is a bit tougher than what I am used to on the DX6i but I will get used to it. It is nice having up to 7 custom mixes, plus auto-trim for flaps, etc. The ratcheting throttle is nice too.

Flight performance with the APC prop is outstanding. Acceleration is great, certainly better than I have had a need for when flying scale.

I had to use a washer and cut down a bronze bushing, but I am now able to make the Corsair prop work on the Power 10 prop adapter - looks great, and runs smooth. I used a good Sharpie and put a black band across the yellow tip to get the double stripe appearance -- really happy with how this looks now. It is a little slower...Continue Reading
Posted by GimpyPilot | Nov 04, 2010 @ 11:59 AM | 5,673 Views
Well it has been getting darker earlier as we head towards Daylight Savings Time, and knowing that it was coming (plus wanting the challenge of the build) I included a scale lighting system on my fun scale T-28 build.

I now have about 8 dusk/night flights on the Trojan and am happy to report that things are working pretty well. Orientation has not been an issue in any way, even flying into dark after sunset. I did not intend for this to be a true night flyer, but it is pretty easy to fly - I have been flying it a little later each of the past 3 nights, and it is working out pretty good, even as it gets darker.

That said there are some limitations. The nose gear landing light has been functioning very well - it is pretty bright, and being attached to the nose gear steers with rudder input. However, finding the optimum angle for actually illuminating the ground has been tough so far.

This is important because I need to be able to judge height above ground during the flare accurately. This is a result partly of the angle of the light, and partly it is a candlepower issue. So I am thinking about mounting a second LED to the nose gear for more illumination, and I may also add some wing mounted landing lights.

The wing mounted lights are interesting because to be scale the left wing light would be mounted in the leading edge about 2/3 span out, and the right wing would be a retractable style light that sits about 1/4 chord back from the leading edge, also...Continue Reading
Posted by GimpyPilot | Nov 02, 2010 @ 12:37 AM | 6,674 Views
Well, I maidened my fun scale Parkzone T-28C Trojan 'Slinghsot Johnny III' over the weekend, and after some minor tweaks have it pretty well trimmed out. It flies very nice, especially when the gear are tucked up.

It is flying so nice in fact that I flew it in the low light of dusk this evening to check out the lighting. All went pretty well.

Still some adjustments to be made with the prop and the retracts, but it is very solid. With the gear down and the flaps at the landing setting, it settles into a wonderful descent profile that makes every landing a greaser, and it looks awesome making the dogleg to final with everything hanging.

I have decided that the next plane in my TRAWING (training wing) will be a T-45C Goshawk in the same/similar scale. Looking around, I have found that the Global Fly/Hobby King EPO T-45 is roughly the right scale (1:9.4 for span, 1:12.6 for length, averages to 1:11), and it can be had in a kit form which is very attractive since I have decided to build it as a pusher prop rather than an EDF to give better performance and longer flight times.

Build plan is as follows:
* Build the airframe from kit only, replace EDF with a pusher prop setup that can use the 2200 mAh 3S batteries I use in PZ T-28C and PZ Extra 300
* Cut trailing edge to have high throw ailerons and semi-scale flaps
* Cut leading edge to have semi-scale drooping slat (operate off of flaps...Continue Reading