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Posted by GimpyPilot | Oct 31, 2010 @ 12:42 PM | 8,260 Views
The build is complete. I started the build on October 16th and wrapped it up on October 30th. I finished with about 25 hours worth of pre-build, modifications, paint and graphics.

I began with new spare parts for a Navy T-28 and a Park 480 motor from the LHS, and added panel lines, scale flaps, mechanical retracts and a full house E-Flite light setup. This necessitated removal of a lot of foam from both the wing and the fuselage.

Fresh wing with panel lines applied by pen

Wing and fuselage with panel lines

Wing and fuselage cut for flaps and retracts
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Posted by GimpyPilot | Oct 27, 2010 @ 12:36 PM | 5,223 Views
Fun scale PZ T-28 Build Update

Nearly complete - almost finished off paint and graphics this evening - all that remains is to add the last couple decals, paint the yellow band on the vertical, add some black for the oil cooler inlet on the front of the cowl, and lastly to add the heater exhaust vent on the port side in the exhaust panel. Then I will spray the whole thing with Minwax Polycrilic Satin Clear.

The decals came out a little opaque but look OK, maybe even better once the Satin Clear is on. I used Avery Clear Decal paper from Staples. I was hoping for a more gloss finish like waterslide material. I tried the Testors waterslide paper from the LHS but found that even after a coat of Minwax Polycrilic Clear Gloss they were not truly colorfast. Also, some of the decals for this scale model are so big they would not come off the backing cleanly and there was stretching. In fairness to the Testors product, I had never tried it before and suspect there may have been issues with my technique.

I spent some time on the cowl with dark grey on the gearcase and silver on the cylinders, and I am really happy with how it looks. I glued in some aluminum foil into the exhaust bay, and I painted the exahust ports silver as well.

I am not really happy with the panel lines but first attempt by hand so I will chalk it up to a learning experience. They looked great when I first put them on, but after I applied the paint they looked very ragged. The issue is that I...Continue Reading
Posted by GimpyPilot | Oct 19, 2010 @ 01:39 PM | 5,271 Views
Well I don't have photos to post but I have been taking them along the way.

Completed the wing modification and basic paint (Intermediate Blue spray on main wing structure, wing tips, flaps and ailerons left white - lots of contrast and similar to my previous Trojan).

Flaps are in and hinged (tape), flap coves are painted red and look awesome when the flaps are deployed. Flap servo pockets have been routed and dry fit, servo wires are run - control arm and operating rod installation remain to be completed.

The Nav and Anti-Collision lights are installed, and the wire has been hidden in a shallow x-acto slit under the skin - all lights checked out good and they look sick!

Cutouts are in for the Thunder Tiger .10 size main retracts. Going to try and use a single HS65MG servo center mounted in the wing to operate the gear. Location of the servo required some fancy bends for the operating rods, and cutting out some foam in the center bay of the fuselage to clear the servo arm. Installed some light ply reinforcements on both sides to keep servo from twisting when operating. Initial functional/operational tests and adjustment of the mains could occur this evening. The retract units will screw in to the light ply mounting plates I glued into the depression from the stock fixed gear plates.

At this time I am leaning against putting a speedbrake in - challenges are the hinging due to the curvature of the under side of the wing, as well as where to put the...Continue Reading
Posted by GimpyPilot | Oct 16, 2010 @ 08:38 PM | 6,642 Views
My trusty PZ Trojan 'Slingshot Johnny II' suffered a pretty good crash a couple months ago and I recently decided to salvage as much as I could and to build another one.

This one will have flaps like the previous, but I will also add mechanical retracts and possibly a speedbrake, since when I picked up the parts for the new build I also picked up my new planned DX7. I may also include a non-actuated tailhook which would make it a T-28C.

I picked up a crapload of E-Flite lighting components. It will have semi-scale navigation and anti-collision lights (steady red on left wing, steady green on right wing, steady white on tail, two flashing white on wingtips, 2 flashing red, one top, one bottom) on one controller, and then a second Y'd into the retracts to activate a landing light on the nose gear when the gear are extended. I am putting in a Castle 10A BEC to handle the extra load.

This plane will be set up for a much more scale appearance, so the first thing I did was research panel lines, and external markings. Here are a couple of my references:

Like Slingshot Johnny II (named in honor of my Grandfather's nickname when he was in the running for the Heisman playing at Creighton back in '41), this new Trojan will once again be setup in VT-2 Doer Birds markings.

Attached are a few photos showing progress today on the panel lines and a gratuitous shot of Slingshot Johnny II when it was completed a year ago.

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Posted by GimpyPilot | Oct 01, 2010 @ 12:50 PM | 5,605 Views
As I have mentioned before, I fly full scale as well as RC. This past weekend my daughter and I flew from San Diego to Albuquerque to spend some time with my wife who is at our house there while my daughter and I live in our RV in San Diego (I am here for work).

About 2 months ago I started flying again after a 5 year hiatus. I made a couple short trips (breakfast at Flo's Cafe and the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, CA which I highly recommend), getting ready for a solid long cross country trip.

We departed KSDM (Brown Field, San Diego) at 4:02 last Friday afternoon, and 5 hours later arrived at KAEG (Double Eagle II Airport) outside Albquerque. Below are a couple shots from the flight out.

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